Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Glasses and other things

These are some wine glasses that I also found while we were poking around in an 'Antiques Centre' in Leominster.  Like my sweet little china bowl, they have no manufacturers mark so they didn't cost a fortune.  Now I have three pairs of cut glass wine glasses that are similar enough to work well together on the table, but retain that pleasantly "pulled together" feel of a vintage collection.  My old petrol glasses (c.1995) have gone to the local Blue Cross Shop. 

Since the summer I have a giftaid card for Blue Cross.  I'm a bit hazy about the maths and the processes, but it seems that they can claim tax back on my donations.  As part of the system they've already sent me one e-mail telling me how much my donations have raised.  Having spent my life with rescue cats, I like the fact that my tax can be claimed to provide animal welfare.

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