Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Now the weather's colder...

I lost some of my crafting 'mo-jo' over the summer - 
It seemed far too hot to work on large woolly projects,
 then I lost interest in a smaller-scale crochet bag.
The darker evenings and horrible weather have had one bonus -
I've picked up my hooks again!
Since the beginning of the month I've made these children's blankets.
(My Mum knows some-one who hands them out as part of a Charity project)
I make them with a large hook and chunky wool - so they grow quickly and are soft and snuggly..

I also made my first ever 'wave' pattern scarf.
I gave it too my younger niece as a birthday present because the colour was perfect for her and I know that she loves long 'Doctor Who' style scarves.
I've also finished my latest granny square throw. 
I've just got to get through the process of finishing off all those ends...

I've learnt a lot about picking up stitches, keeping my work neat and changing direction in this throw.
It's not perfect - but I'm pleased with the overall effect.

I'm wondering whether I've got the confidence to try making a jumper next.  I used to design my own knitting patterns so I've got some idea of where to start in terms of shape and tension. The wave pattern scarf has also convinced me that I can work neatly in lines as well as squares, which is probably key to making something to wear.  I love making the big, chunky charity blankets while we are travelling to work, but it would be nice to have a evening project for myself too.
In the meanwhile, I still don't feel like finishing the crochet bag.  Isn't it funny how some projects seem doomed to lurk for months at the bottom of the craft bag....!
PS - Yes - I really do play the harp!  It's been part of my life for so long that I rather take it for granted - but it is a rather nice thing to have in the corner of the lounge!!!  Thank you for all your lovely comments on the last post.

Monday, 14 October 2013

One Wet Weekend...

I'm still pinching myself..... but this tidy, co-ordinated lounge actually belongs to me!!!
On Friday evening I decided that the drifts of crafting stuff; the mountains of old car mags, DVDs and books; and the mis-matched soft furnishing HAD TO GO.
I wish that we'd taken a photo before we got started. 
Things weren't exactly in a complete state of chaos - but it had all started to 'bug' me a bit.
Here's the results of all our labours over the weekend..  A new lamp-shade and cushion covers.
The sofa has also been re-positioned so that the 'music end' of the room is more open.
I've kept all the things I love..
We found this pretty little cupboard in the basement of a junk shop years ago.
It hides all the wires and gives some useful storage.

The large bay window has always been a bit of a 'dead space'.
Mark spotted this bench and persuaded me to buy it at the weekend because he loves window seats.
I already had the scatter cushions in the back bedroom and
I was delighted to see the way everything fits with the new curtains...

We treated ourselves to a new light-fitting and the mirror.
The effect is quite 'Downton' (!!!) but it all came from Dunelm (pretty cheap!)

...and here's the finished room from the window seat.
All my crochet has been tucked away in a wooden box I inherited from my Nana
(under the lamp by the fireplace)

As you can see - I'm really into the 'vintage' style.
Almost everything you can see has been inherited, rescued or bought cheaply.
I'm not a very confident person when it comes to styling rooms - but I'm really pleased with how things have come together this time.
I hope that you've enjoyed a little insight into the things that have been keeping me from blogging recently!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Under a Huge October Sky...

I can't resist photos of dramatic skies....
These were taken at Castle Combe Racing Circuit over the weekend...

As the sun went down there were some magical shots to be snapped.
I'm not that keen on DeLorean sports cars but this one was posing nicely..

..and the curves and shadows of the fences were begging to be captured too..

The following day we were back at the circuit for a day of racing from
the Vintage and Historic Racing Car Clubs.
I'm always fascinated by the detail on the old cars.
The 'Art Nouveau' number plate on this little French car particularly caught my eye..

I also had a little play with the photo opportunities provided by two
Jaguar E-types with their huge bonnets raised.
Shortly afterwards the owner of the first car (Number 28) invited me to sit in the drivers seat.
It was a great chance to get a 'racing driver's eye' view of the world...

I love the way people with lots of different enthusiasms get involved in these historic events.
We found a group of Mods and Rockers at the back of the track, getting ready to ride display laps during the lunch break...

No fighting... Just lots of shiny bikes and scooters!

Here's Number 28 during the afternoon racing session..
..and the Vintage Sports cars lining up to take to the track

This is one of my favourite photos of the weekend.
These two Vintage cars were being raced at full speed round the final corner in the final lap
of their race, driven by two brothers.  The number 4 car just stayed ahead and gained third place.

And here's Mark - completely absorbed in a parts catalogue for a local
Automotive engineering company.

As I've been writing this I've had the poor people who were injured at the race circuit in America in my mind.  I'm also thinking of the 79 people injured, and the families of the 8 people killed by the Monster Truck at the display in Mexico.
We were lucky to have a lovely safe day.