Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pictures from a New Term..

Beautiful early morning skies from the study window..

..and dramatic sunsets from my bedroom at the front of the house.
Burning candles around the house...
The pretty candle lamp in the hall that my friend gave me for my 40th Birthday..
And candles all over the lounge fireplace...

Spending lots of time with my family....
I bought these flowers for my parents last weekend....
On the 7th of September Dad was 73 and Mum was 69.
On the 7th September 1962 they also got engaged - so the flowers were for their
"Golden Anniversary".
Life's good - but time on the internet is very limited!


  1. Glad to hear all's well, Jan. What a lovely flower display, it sounds as though 7th of September is special in lots of ways in your family.

  2. Hi Jan, loved your post, i've been doing the same this week, lighting candles, turning on lamps in the early evening and getting ready for Autumn - my favourite time of year! My parents will celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary next year, and are the same age as yours. When life is good like this it's always a time for counting your blessings xx

  3. Jan it is just that time of year! The beginning of the school year is always a busy time. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Hi Jan, your post has a very autumnal feel about it with the candles. I love the lamp too, what a fab friend! I expect you are so busy with the autumn term now, always my favourite when my boys were at school. So much to look forward to!

  5. Love this time of year and your candles look so cosy and very autumnal. I went to our local garden centre last week and it was completely decked out with Christmas decs - so so early. Let's enjoy these next couple of months first!
    Patricia x