Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mark's gone mad....

Introducing Conrad.
This 'not so little fella' joined my bear collection yesterday.
He's 80 cm tall and filled with pellets - so he can stand anywhere he likes.
(I've had to use a picture from the internet because my laptop doesn't seem to
want to up-load my photos this afternoon)
At the moment he's stood at the end of the sofa so he can watch TV.
This afternoon he was stood out in the sunlight - meeting
my bear-loving next door neighbour!
Mark bought him for me because he knew that I would never buy him for myself.
My husband is prone to these lovely, generous, grand (and immensely impractical!)
gestures every once in a while.
When I was stranded in Geneva by the Icelandic ash cloud a couple of years ago,
Mark drove all the way across France to rescue me.
He's also the guy who hid a bottle of Chanel No 5 in a Milk Tray Easter Egg.
He painstakingly undid all the wrapping, popped in the perfume and wrapped it up again
so it looked completely untouched.
These lovely mad moments of Mark have become part of our family's folklore.
Do you have similar tales from your family....


  1. Your hubby sounds like a prince! I love your Conrad bear. He looks like good company.

  2. Oh bless him! I must admit Tony can and does surprise me with lovely things too, he often buys me things I consider extravagant and that I wouldnt buy for myself. Sounds as if Mark is a real romantic!

  3. Conrad is adorable Jan. Mark sounds pretty good too. I do love a spontaneous man with a heart - which I also have. xx

  4. Isn't he lovely! I'm lucky if I get a birthday card from Dave, though he has got better at that over the years!

  5. What a cutie Conrad is - and how lucky you are to have such a thoughtful husband.

  6. What a gorgeous bear! I had to use the converter to work out what 80cm is in feet and inches - he is a huge bear! What a caring husband you have to drive across France to rescue you when you were stranded:)

  7. It's lovely to have such a thoughtful, generous husband. Conrad Bear must have been a sweet surprise.

  8. What a wonderful surprise, I love Conrad. How lovely to have a husband who shows he cares in these ways.

  9. Oh that is funny and I have been thinking about these type of bears all day (honestly) I would love to try my hand at making one. ……ps also interesting you mention Iceland I lived in Keflavik Iceland several years when I was a teenager ! Love the smooth riding Icelandic ponies.

  10. What a wonderful man Mark is! Conrad is just gorgeous. K's MIL is a teddy bear artist - she makes the most amazing bears I've ever seen and also the clothes etc that she dresses them in.She is incredibly talented.

  11. Mark has beary good taste. Your bear is wonderful...especially because your hubby picked him out.

  12. Aww, that is so sweet, thoughtful, and so romantic. I'm afraid I am married to a man without a trace of romance, though he can be extremely thoughtful and is always my hero.

  13. What a gorgeous bear that is. I used to collect bears but had to stop when my house started becoming overwhelmed by them.

  14. Obviously Mark had a wonderful teacher all his young life on how to be an extraordinary man/husband. Know how lucky you are--how very lucky!!