Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cleaning, sorting and other things...

It's been great to be on holiday for the last few days - especially when the sun has been shining and it's been blissfully warm.  I've started the process of 'catching back' on all the jobs that I didn't have time for during term time.  My harp - poor neglected instrument - received a general MOT and re-string this morning.  I'm also doing some 'in the corners' cleaning.  It feels nice to do things at my own pace for a change.

Mark and I spent Saturday at the 'Silverstone Classic' event.  The whole site was totally water-logged this year.  We managed to find a bit of hardstanding for the Kitten near the Marcos Club stand.  The Lotus Club owners were a lot less lucky and many of their beautiful cars looked as if they had been on a 4X4 circuit.

It's become a bit of a tradition to spend the first day of the summer holiday at this event.  It's generally very relaxed and friendly.  This year we chatted for ages to an Australian couple who had just driven their classic Bentley across Mongolia, Russia and Europe.  They'd been on the road for 51 Days - incredible.  I SO want to be doing that sort of thing when I retire!

I love the way that you can wander round the pit lanes at these events.  There are some fantastic photo-opportunities..

Plucky little number 68 was the only Marcos racing at the event.  Here it is in the process of over-taking an E-Type Jag..

There was a Balloon Display in the early evening.  This was the view from the passenger seat of the Kitten..

Here are the new pits in the evening sunlight.  Last year I wasn't sure if I liked the new architecture.  This year it's grown on me a little...

Here are the Group C racing cars thumping round the track in the twilight.  They are really fast and incredibly noisy.  I love watching them pull away in close formation.

Best of all, it was lovely to spend a whole day outside.  With all the oil, petrol and exhaust fumes it was hardly a day in the 'fresh air' - but it completely beats being in a classroom!!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a good day. I know what you mean about catching up with all your chores. After studying for the last year, revising for exams, a lovely holiday to get away from it all and then my eye surgery ten days ago, I really feel the house needs a good turn around and putting back in order. Not in this heat though!!
    Patricia x

  2. I love days where you can have a good clean up.I have to be in the mood though (which isnt often!) but it feels so good to do it doesnt it? At least if you do it at the beginning of the holidays then you can spend some of the later weeks relaxing.X

  3. Fifty-one days travelling through Mongolia, Russia and Europe, gosh that must have been an interesting journey for them. Doing the deep cleaning is a bind - but oh the joy when you know that it has been done! Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  4. I am happy to hear you are enjoying your time away from the classroom. I look at my calendar and realize my free time is quickly coming to an end. Enjoy your day.