Monday, 16 July 2012

Exploring New Ground..

Here are a few photos from our weekend away.  We travelled down to Godalming on Friday evening and stayed for two nights in this lovely 'Arts and Crafts' House in the Surrey Hills.  I wish that I'd taken more photos of the interior.  Joy - the owner - has an talented eye for combining beautifully simple things with floral displays and eccentric original pieces of art.

To give you a flavour of her skill, here's a corner of the tea tray that was in our room.  It was so pretty.

On Saturday morning we drove south across towards the South Downs until we got to an open air museum near Goodwood.  We managed to see most of the site before the weather really deteriorated.

A man at the museum suggested the Goodwood Aero Club cafe for lunch.  This was the view from our table as the next part of the storm moved south towards us.

After lunch we explored the racing circuit a little.  There was an event taking place and one of the marshalls offered to drive us round the track.  Mark was so excited to be on the tarmac of this iconic circuit. 

The heavens opened again as we drove back the B+B so Mark spent some time cleaning his 'pride and joy' before we went out for dinner.

Since we don't know the area we were guided by 'Tripadvisor' to a pub a few miles away.  To be honest it was a little bit more pricey than we're used to paying, but it had a fabulous atmosphere and the food was lovely.

This was an attractive collection of interesting things on the mantlepiece above our table....

...and Steve the cat kept a watchful eye on proceedings....

Yesterday we were up bright and early so that we could go and play on the famous concrete banking at Brooklands.  The track was designed and built in 1907.  I was surprised by the fact that it's 100 feet wide.  As a result cars look absolutely tiny...

I'm still having problems with my foot and was doing my best to get around on crutches.  The lovely people in the museum insisted that I could have their mobility scooter when they saw that I was struggling.  I couldn't resist taking it up onto the banking as well....!  What do you think of my racing line...

We stayed almost to the last car and drove home in clear, sunny weather..

It's been one of those rare, perfect weekends!


  1. Glad you had a perfect weekend!

  2. Looks fab. My best friend from school moved to Godalming so I know it well and really like it.

  3. It sounds like a really lovely weekend, apart from the weather. Sorry to hear that your foot is still playing you up but it looks like you found a fun way to get around.

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! A shame you foot is still causing trouble, but at least you found a way to get around that problem!

  5. Glad you enjoyed your weekend! Sometimes a lovely weekend away is as good a tonic as a week. We were going to go away this coming weekend but as the weather has been so bad we decided not to book anywhere and now they are forecasting better weather! Typical, we booked my car in for its MOT on monday which is when we should have been away.
    Your hubbys pride and joy is gorgeous!

  6. Perfect weekends are very precious - so glad you found one xx

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time and stayed in a great place - sometimes these llittle breaks are just what the doctor ordered.

  8. I'm your form of transport and it means you rest your those cars though oh! very posh!

    Its so good to get away for a break even if its just for a weekend.....

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)