Monday, 3 December 2012

Sunday Morning

I was so glad that I'd decided to pick up my camera for our walk yesterday morning.  I couldn't resist snapping away at these dramatic wintery skies..
This was a picture taken down by the canal - one of our favourite circuits.
I really wanted to get a picture of the sky and its reflection in the water.
It didn't quite work because I was a little too low.  I suspose that I should have tried
climbing a tree!

This is a more general view of my beloved North-East Worcestershire country-side.
The hills in the distance are at Great Whitley.  On a really clear day you can see
as far as the Shropshire Hills from here, and you only need to turn a little to the left
to see the Malvern Hills as well.

There's a little hamlet of Victorian cottages and houses a little further along this road and
all the properties have views like these.
Much as we love our current home, Mark and I always have a little fantasy about moving to one of these houses - just for the view.
Unfortunately they also come with masses of land which doesn't really suit our current life-style.
One day ...... maybe!


  1. Love the dramatic sky photos Jan, how lucky you had the camera with you.
    Patricia x

  2. Taking the camera on walks is always a good idea. Many a time I've been disappointed because I forgot to pick it up on the way out the door. Yes .. lots of work when you have a large parcel of land. I know ... I'm the one doing it all at the moment and sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Then we have a day or two in the city and I know it is! Have a great day, Jan. Sue

  3. I love the English countryside photos!

  4. I love the sky. The clouds are amazing. I love to take my camera with me when we head out for a walk. I think I slow everyone down stopping to take a photo or two, so I most often leave it behind (unless I am alone). Bonnie

  5. Wonderful, atmoshpheric sky photos! It would be great to wake up to those views every day:)

  6. Wonderful sky photos. There's been some gorgeous sunsets just lately too.

  7. Truly panoramic views... and those swirled clouds are beautiful !!
    And I'm glad you really didn't have to climb a tree !!

  8. Amazing skies, they look as if they should be full of snow!

  9. There are certainly some amazing skies at this time of year plus wonderful sunrises and sunsets - one little bonus in spite of the cold.