Monday, 1 July 2013

A Few Prom Photos

Here's a few photos from my niece's Prom on Friday. 
We offered to drive her to the event in one of the cars a few months ago.
From what I can gather there was a serious case of "Teenage Prom politics"
which meant that a lovely lad from her German class ended up in the second car...
Mark proudly drove his niece in the blue car..
and I was 'chauffeuse' to her friend, N.
It took an hour to get across Worcester in the rush hour and out to
Whitbourne Hall (on the border with Herefordshire).
This beautiful house is divided into flats and was featured on the TV
series 'Country House Rescue' a few years ago. 
They now make money to maintain the building through weddings and Proms.
The grand portico is a fantastic backdrop for photos

It also resonated superbly to the sound of two V8 engines!!!

We parked the cars up and went for a little wander around.
The old Orangery at the back of the picture has seen better days..
but it's still beautiful in the mid-summer light.
The main reception rooms at the front of the picture were laid out for the meal.
The tables looked lovely - but it was hard to get a good image through the glass.

It was my sister's birthday on Thursday -
so we all met up at her house for a curry later in the evening.
I was shattered from the busy week at work but it was a great way to start the weekend!


  1. Hi jan your niece looked gorgeous in her prom gown. We never had anything like that at our school. Mind you it was rather a long time ago! A fabulous venue too. Oh to be young again.

  2. Hi jan your niece looked gorgeous in her prom gown. We never had anything like that at our school. Mind you it was rather a long time ago! A fabulous venue too. Oh to be young again.

  3. We didn't have proms when I left school either and that wasn't so long ago. I'm not a fan of the prom thing but your niece does look lovely and I suppose the school leavers enjoy the chance to dress up and celebrate! I love her dress and she travelled in style!

  4. Your niece does look lovely and what a way to travel, hey! x

  5. What a wonderful way to arrive at one's prom. I remember my own and my daughter's proms. They are magical evenings. Everyone looks excited and lovely.

    Jan, The horrific scenes you are seeing played out in the news are far west of us. We have actually, other than last week, been quite bearable. Thank you for your concern...we are doing well.

  6. What a handsome pair - and your niece and her friend look rather wonderful, too! Actually, she looks amazing, great dress and glorious hair. What a wonderful venue - no doubt it is a night that will live on in their memories.

  7. What gorgeous hair your niece has and a beautiful girl. Her date is pretty handsome too. You Brits sure know how to do things up in a grand and glorious way. What a gorgeous home!!! So glad the young people still get to see that kind of architecture and enjoy it.

  8. Your niece looks wonderful all dressed up for her prom, and what a fantastic way to travel there, in style indeed. Daniel didn't go to his prom, not his kind of thing, but Eleanor's already planning what she's going to wear for hers, and it's a year off.

  9. This prom idea seems to have taken off lately and the venue for it looks lovely as do your niece and her friends in their gowns. Nice to be driven in style too:)

  10. What a wonderful place to have a prom. Arriving in such fancy cars must have been delightful too.

  11. Your niece is gorgeous. What struck me first was that that could have been a prom here too. Well, minus the historic mansion, the perfect weather, and those cars. I want to know more about those cars! Yours? I bet there were a few green eyed young men who would have liked a ride too.

  12. How cool! They look very James Bond.

    I could have spent more time in that fabric store too. I never made it to the art sections.