Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lost my 'Mo-Jo'...

What with the heat AND end of term exhaustion, I seem to have lost my blogging 'Mo-Jo' in the last couple of weeks.  Please bear with me - I will be back with a vengeance when my holiday starts on the 19th July!  ("So near and yet so far...!!!")

Tom has been desperately seeking a cool spot since last Friday. 
It's not particularly comfortable on our bedroom windowsill - but he 'gave it a go'..

He stuck his whiskers outside for a while..
but it didn't seem to help much...

Eventually he just gave into exhaustion and crashed out on the landing..

Poor cat - I really feel for him in this heat.
The decent weather has also brought out all the neighbourhood cats.
They all go 'out on manoeuvers' at around 3.00 in the morning.
There's a kind of guerrilla warfare being carried out on the street as each cat tries
to maintain its own space and invade neighbouring territories.
All the cats are very young - maybe 2 years old at the most.
My poor Tom is 13 next birthday but he's out there 'playing the game'!
I'm proud of him - he's not giving in to the young ones!!!!
(Just like his Mum!!!)


  1. Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm every time.

  2. I've been like your cat since Friday too, desperately seeking somewhere cool and not having much success!

  3. Our dog is struggling in the heat too. She's found a shady spot down the back of the shed.
    Kathy x

  4. Don't worry Jan, I think our enthusiasm for the world of blog ebbs and flows quite naturally. It will return in good time. So, Tom is out strutting his stuff every night - no wonder he looks so tired especially when you factor in the heat.

    The end of term is in sight, you'll get there! x

  5. Awwww... I love the photo of him from outside the window... he's lovely!

  6. Bless him! Jan, it seems my muse always disappears the last month or so of school. Sometimes we just need to recharge our creativity. Enjoy a bit of down time.

  7. Awww, bless Tom, I know just how he feels. I keep finding Archie spread flat on the tiled kitchen floor trying to get cool. I'm sure you'll feel better once the end of term is here, I know I will, no routine for six whole weeks, I love it.

  8. Jan, marmalade is exactly the same too. She pops in and out of the open French doors but some days it has just been too much for her. Bet you can't wait for the holidays? Make sure you recharge your batteries! X

  9. Our two cats have been just the same as Tom and they don't have such a fluffy coat as he does. Won't be long now until you can wind down a bit and relax:)

  10. The summer heat saps my energy too. The three cats crawl under the bed to escape the heat when it gets too bad.

  11. I've got the summer doldrums too. Your poor cat looks as hot as mine. But I must confess, I've been turning on the a/c for him in the afternoons.

  12. Hello Jan
    Sounds like you just need a holiday...lots of quality time for yourself and with family. I love summer but I try to cut down on work over the summer months as it is far too hot. The heat tires me out a great deal and I'm best soaking in the swimming pool. Willie my cat has been doing the same as Tom ....spread eagled on the cool tiled floor when that bit of space gets warm he's off to another patch. He's an old guy too and finds the heat difficult now as well.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. Oh now I am humming "all alone in the moonight" the song from the play "Cats " I love that song about the older cat, , but it aways makes me cry the tune though.

    1. Also meant to say your Tom is quite a beauty!

  14. One more day to go! Before we went to Italy we saw this television programme about the secret life of cats - very informative! Our daughter has been looking after our Gino whilst we've been away and in this hot weather he's been staying in and finding the coolest spots to stretch out just like Tom. Gino's short haired so maybe feels less uncomfortable, but it can't be easy for the animals in this heat.