Thursday, 14 June 2012


On Tuesday evening I ended up in a wheel chair in Worcester Hospital's A+E department.  Yesterday I  was so grumpy and furstrated that I couldn't even bring myself to post about it.  Today I have a calmer mind - so here's the story....

I got home in good time on Tuesday evening because I was conscious that Mark had spent the day on his own and time can hang heavily when you're convalescing.  Mark listened to my rant about the day (I had been pulled into some terrible politics at work) then suggested a gentle stroll before tea.  We did the shortest loop round the village, which is just over a mile.  I then cooked dinner.

By the time I'd finished eating I was aware of a painful red patch and a little swelling on the side of my foot.  I pointed it out to Mark and we both thought that it could be an insect bite.  He went off to meet some Car Club friends and I settled down to catch up on a little light blogging.

After some 40 minutes my foot was so painful that I didn't know where to rest it.  I rang Mark and asked him to come home via a shop and pick up some Piriton, as I assumed that I'd just got a bad allergic reaction.  By the time he got home I couldn't put any weight on my foot and I couldn't bear anything to be in contact with it.  Off we went to the hospital.

Fortunately it was very quiet and I didn't have to wait very long.  I was convinced by this time that I'd broken a small bone in my foot or something.  It was extremely painful!

Anyway, the Doctor explained that I haven't broken anything.  I have Plantar Fasciitis - otherwise know as Policeman's Heel!  From what I can gather, the red spot on the side of my foot is where the muscle (tendon?) in the arch of my foot has been damaged.  This was compounded on Tuesday evening by inflamed tendons across the front of the ankle.  Ouch!

The Doctor told me to rest my foot up, use ice-packs every two hours to keep the swelling down and take regular Ibrufen.  As a result I'm at home for the next few days too!  The pain has subsided and I'm now using the crutches the hospital gave me to get around. 

Neither Mark nor I are good patients so it's hell in our house at the moment.  This morning we offically banned the words 'frustrated' and 'work' from our conversations!  It's my plan to go back to work on Monday with the crutches and see how things go.  Mark, on the other hand, has been told by the Doctors to stay at home until at least the 25th June.  He is SO grumpy (but I still love him very much!!!!).  I'm just hoping that this marks the end of our run of 'bad luck' health-wise.


  1. Goodness Jan, you're both having a run of bad luck. I know how frustrated you'll be being at home when the next few weeks are supposed to be so busy for you. I hope it feels better soon, I've never heard of Policeman's Heel, it sounds really painful.

  2. Oh, Jan....sorry about your "Policeman's Heel". Take a deep breath...a choose your words carefully. You two, will soon be back to your usual self again!

  3. Jan...This is quite common for teachers, nurses..anyone who is on their feet for long periods. It is painful! I ended up with an orthotic in my shoe. It took quite awhile for it to heal. Be careful with the ibuprofen. I know you know this...take it with food and a lot of water. Yes, I ended up with complications due to the cure. I will be thinking about you. Bonnie

  4. Oh no! My Mum got this a few years ago through doing a lot of digging in the garden - don't ask - she's an independent woman who won't wait for anyone to help her! It did go with rest. I'm struggling with the concept of resting at the moment.

  5. My friend had that problem with her foot and she had to do stretches for weeks to help it heal. I hope you have better luck.

  6. Oh poor you, I hope it improves soon and you can get back to normal. Meanwhile just indulge yourself with some favourite pastimes while you're recovering.
    Patricia x

  7. Ouch, sounds painful, better to rest it now than it turn into a worse injury later, maybe catch up on a little reading or you could both play a few board games perhaps..........hope you both feel better soon. x

  8. That is so painful, poor you. On the plus side, I bet Thomas is purring happily now that he has both his favourite people at home!x

  9. Oh I know just what you are going through I have suffered with this for 3yrs now and its very painful I have hadmany sleepless nights from the pain,I have just had to have a cortisone injection into my foot.Rest as much as you can and when it is feling better dont stand for to long if you can.Sorry if I have made you feel worse,take care of yourself.Love Jill xx

  10. Yes ouch ...! I hate being at home ill too....its worse. Sorry to hear you are poorly too best get hold of a couple of good books,good dvds and plenty of rest.

    Amanda :-)