Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Wander Round Worcester

Firstly, a warm welcome to my new follower - Julie at 'A Tale from Toadstool House' - and thanks to you all for your continued messages of support as Mark recovers from his op. 

You've probably realised that Mark is the kind of guy who is always busy doing something and, as a result, he's finding the post-op restrictions extremely frustrating.  Today we turned a short loop round the city centre into a major potter with lots of stops for photos.  We parked 'BJ' in the car park by the Race Course and crossed the bridge to walk along the river-side path by the Cricket Ground.

Some of the best shots of the Cathedral are from this side of the river. 

There's also a lovely open view across the meadows to the Malvern Hills.

This is the point at which the Birmingham to Worcester canal joins the River Severn.  The whole area around the canal basin is going through a slow process of re-generation.  They have built lots of new flats on the old industrial sites but many remain unsold.  It's just not a good time to build on this scale.

After a little more walking past the lock and the weir we arrived at the new footbridge.  This is another part of the regeneration scheme.  It has opened out a whole network of footpaths and cycle routes to the south of the city.

By this stage Mark looked ready to sit down for a bit, so we had morning coffee and cake in the gardens of a hotel by the river.  The 'Brownie' was amazing - it had huge chunks of white and dark chocolate in it!  The sugar and caffeine got us going again..

We walked up from the hotel to the small park on Fort Royal Hill.  This is definitely the best view of Worcester Cathedral and the surrounding medieval buildings.  It's a shame that there's a modern block in the foreground.

We then followed a little of the canal bank to complete the loop.  I was lucky enough to get this photo of a swan with her young family as we wandered along the towpath.

It's back to school tomorrow - the final haul through to the summer holidays and one of my busiest periods.  Next week is quite quiet - but then I have four different concerts, a parent's evening, a Key Stage 3 Presentation evening, an Oscars Night, a Fashion Show with live music, and a residential trip with Year 10 pupils in Derbyshire all in the space of a month.  Urgh.... I suppose that it pays the mortgage!!!!

Mark, on the other hand, is going nowhere tomorrow.  He has been told very firmly that he's got to sit at home and let his face mend for a while longer yet.   Tom (the cat) is delighted.


  1. You do take the nicest walks, I always enjoy them. I particularly like the photos of the cathedral and the swan with her cygnets, that is a beautiful photograph. All good wishes to Mark.

  2. It's nice to have a slower walk round familiar places, you often see things which you usually rush past. That's a lovely photo you captured of the swan with her cygnets. It sounds like you've got a very busy time coming up, it's no wonder that teachers and pupils alike are ready for the summer holidays when they come round.

  3. A lovely photo tour to a place I have never been!
    Dont envy you the next few weeks, at least light is at the end of the tunnel and it will soon be the august hols!

  4. Hello Jan....I'm playing catch-up today on reading the blogs I follow. My life had become very hectic and I did get behind in reading. I'm so glad Mark is on the mend! I went back several post and read everything up to date. I know you must have been worried out of your mind. Your blog is so enjoyable to read and your photos give me a sense of what life is like around you.

  5. What a great day out- glad to here Mark is doing well. I'm back to work tomorrow too, half terms go too fast don't they? - not long till summer though: )

  6. Glad to hear your husband is on the mend. As someone who's had lots of surgery on my face (although for very different reasons)I can empathise with that post surgery time. It takes a while to bounce back and the only option is to rest. Great pics of your day out. Take care. x

  7. Sorry to hear of Marks ill health, so glad the op went well and hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    We are neighbours, it seems........I live in Hereford and know Worcester quite well........looks like you had a lovely jaunt around the city. x

  8. Hello Jan
    Please pop over to my blog. I have left something there for you.

    Amanda :-)