Friday, 8 June 2012

A walk round Chepstow

Thank you to everyone who left their best wishes for Mark on my last post.  The stitches make him look like he's auditioning for the part of Frankenstien's monster - but he's definitely more himself again today.  Obviously he can't drive at the moment so I took him out for lunch for a change of scenery.  We went to a quiet little cafe in a garden centre on the far side of Worcester.  The drive through the lanes was lovely despite the awful weather.

Here are a few photos that I took of our visit to Chepstow on Bank Holiday Monday.  This is the bridge over the River Wye.  I am standing in Wales and the far side of the bridge is England.

Chepstow is at the beginning/end of two long distance paths - the Offa's Dyke Path and the Welsh Coastal Path.  This is a new mozaic on the bank of the river that gives a little information about each of the paths.  I was intrigued to read that the Coastal Path is 840 miles long.

There's a beautiful Priory Church.  The west end is 12th Century, while the rest has been rebuilt at later times.

I found this family tomb in one of the transcepts.  It's ages since I last saw one of these memorials with all the children lined up across the bottom.  There are 10 girls and just 2 boys.  She married twice so there are also two husbands! 

After a picnic lunch we visited Chepstow Castle.  It's quite large, with five courtyards stretched along the ridge above the Wye. 

There are loads of nooks and crannies to explore...

I amused myself trying to get some effective atmospheric shots through the leaded windows..

It's been a slightly wierd halfterm really.. certainly not as relaxing as usual.  I think the combination of  Mark's op, Jubilee celebrations, guests and this dreadful weather have all 'played on my nerves' a little...!  Nevertheless, I have done a fair bit of crotchet.  Every cloud has a silver lining!


  1. Hello Jan:
    We are so relieved to hear that Mark is on the mend. All these things are so unsettling and we are sure that you will be pleased to get back to the usual routines.

    When we lived in Herefordshire we would often find ourselves either in or passing through Chepstow and it is, as you say, a most intriguing and delightful town.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful day out, there's always so much to discover no matter where in England you live. We're very lucky. I'm so pleased to hear that Mark is recuperating well and I'm sure it won't be long before he's fully recovered. Looking forward to seeing what you're hooking away at.

  3. Looks like a wonderful day out! I love your photos of the castle. I've just been catching up with your last few posts and I'm glad to hear that your husband has had his treatment and is recovering well:)

  4. Lovely that you got to take Mark out for the day and it looks like you had a good one.I love the mosaic.I still havent finished my garden one yet and its much smaller, I really should do!Have a great weekend.

  5. Chepstow looks like a really beautiful and interesting place to visit. Pleased to hear that Mark is recovering well and was able to enjoy a trip out. My uncle had major facial surgery (an 8 hour op for skin cancer) but the surgeons did a remarkable job and his scars are barely visible now- it just took a while for things to settle down. Looking forward to seeing your latest crochet project.

  6. Hi Jan,I just thought I'd say Hi,I popped on over from Meggie on the Prairie.Your latest post caught My eye,Chepstow,not far from Me at all,I'm in Cardiff.I'm also a fellow crochet-aholic ;)
    Looking forward to having a read through your blog today.
    take care,juliexoxo

  7. I found it very interesting about the lady who married two husbands and all the children were lined up. I've not seen one of those before but I've only been to England and Wales once so am limited in what I saw. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Dear Jan, Thank you very much for your very beautiful photos. I am very interested in Wales. All history and culture you know. I will be retired just about 3 months later. So my first plan is to visit Wales.. I am following your blog very closer.. Best wishes..