Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crochet in the Dark

Here's the throw that I've been making over the summer.  I've always loved the effect of mixing loads of different colours and textures together - almost like a piece of patchwork.
I've made it in a range of double knitting yarns - but every square has been bordered by the same cotton and wool blend (called Duo).  It's a lovely soft yarn and it made a gorgeous scalloped edging.

In this picture you can see most of the yarns that I've used.  The pale colours tend to be cottons, while the slightly shiny thread is a silk blend that's been hanging around for years in my wool stash. There's also some Sidar Denim and Click. 
As you can see, I still need to spend a bit time finished off the ends.....

Here's my other project - crocheted over the last two weeks or so during our commute round the M5 and M42.  The throw was worked on 4.0, 4.5 and 5.5 hooks and it's really dense and snuggly.  This little blanket was worked on 8.0 and 10.00 hooks so it grew very quickly.  I've also discovered that I can work it in the almost darkness of a passenger seat at 7.00 in the morning.  Good use of commuting time, I think!

I got the idea of blending double knitting yarns from one of my Mum's friends.  The darker yarn has a sparkle in it which is quite attractive with all these Autumnal colours.  The fourth row is a normal chunky wool, while the seam and the border are two 'normal' double knitting shades mixed together.

I'm going to keep the blue and brown throw for myself - but Mum has friends who can find a good home for these little chunky blankets.  I've already done 5 squares of the next one.  It's nice to think that my 'lost commuting time' can be turned into something positive for someone else. 


  1. I love those! Especially the brown and blue one. If you email me your address, there are 2 vintage cookbooks that I rescued that you can have - i'll gladly post them to you. xxxx

  2. I can knit in the dark but not crochet in the dark. Having visited our local home for the blind the other week, I pointed out to my beloved that "Even if I lose my sight when I am a little old lady, I shall be able to go on knitting blankets" He suggested that maybe when I am that old I may want to stop crafting [what???!!!]
    Debbie Bliss, one of my pet knitting authors says her favourite colour combination is blues/creams/browns. Your blanket is a clear demonstration of how good they look together

    blessings x

  3. Those are really lovely Jan. I particularly like the throw.

  4. Love the colors on both, but especially the blue, cream and brown!

  5. What a masterpiece! I absolutely love the big throw. The small blanket is lovely too, it speaks to me of Spring.

  6. What an excellent use of your commuting time. I love the colours you've used especially in the second one:)

  7. Your throw has turned out beautifully, I love the colours you've used. It will be wonderful to snuggle up in to in winter. The blanket is really pretty, another great colour combination. Whoever receives it will be very lucky.

  8. The crochet work is beautiful and the colours are gorgeous.