Sunday, 21 October 2012

One Lucky Hare!

Yesterday we spent the day at the Silverstone Racing Circuit again.  It was the final day of the 2012 season for the Historic Racing Car Club.  We wandered around the whole circuit, just soaking up the atmosphere, in the morning then settled down to watch the racing properly in the afternoon.
We've never been to this particular race meet before and it's really 'laid back and low key' compared to some of the more major events.  As a result the spectators could get into stands that are normally reserved for those with serious money or connections!  We found ourselves in a pretty prime spot in the British Racing Driver's Club stand.  This was our view of the tight left hand corner at the end of one of the fast straights.  It's a tricky corner to get right and is one of the points in the circuit where drivers are most likely to damage their cars.
All of a sudden, a hare popped up on the grass to the left hand side of the corner.  He was clearly used to being able to run around the circuit without having racing cars hurtle past his whiskers.  He made a lunge forward then stopped as a car thundered by.  He turned back and stood up for a moment, assessing the situation.  Then he tried again and the same thing happened.  By this time everyone in the stand was on edge.  The situation could end really badly for both the hare and a racing car, but there was nothing the marshalls could do.
As the hare tried to cross the track for a third time some slightly slower cars came to the corner.  I covered my eyes because I really didn't want to watch what was going to happen next.  Suddenly everyone around me was clapping and cheering.  I moved my hands away and saw the hare running towards the shelter of some hoardings on the far side of the track.  The cars had also managed to negotiate the corner without making contact.
One lucky hare!!!
We drove home through one of the best sunsets I've ever seen.  It lasted about 45 minutes - with absolutely gorgeous colours that just kept on changing.  There's no pictures of it though - I stupidly left my camera in the boot of the car!
I'm still in school this week.  The halfterm holidays are all over the place.  Worcestershire and Solihull (where I work) start their week off next Friday.  In the meanwhile, Birmingham has got it's halfterm holiday this week.  I teach loads of pupils who live in Birmingham so their younger siblings are on holiday while they are supposed to be in school.  I also work with teachers who can't be on holiday with their children.  I suspect that there will be quite a few children missing this week.  So much for a 'continuity of teaching and learning'!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that poor Hare is now missing a life. I would have had to cover my eyes too! We had a spectacular sunset last night, I did take some pictures on my phone, which I've forgotten I did so thanks for that, I must check them out. x

  2. Oh, thank goodness the hare was ok, not to mention the drivers. Looks like you got a prime position, you had a great view. Our schools break up next Friday too. I didn't realise that some schools were on holiday this week.

  3. So glad that the hare made it safely across the track! School holidays are something I don't even think about these days:)

  4. Its funny how soft we all are about animals isnt it? I wouldnt have been able to watch, but thank goodness it was ok.
    The half terms are all over the place up here in Yorkshire too. My grandchildren have this week off.

  5. Half terms this time do seem to be confusing but now my husband is retired from teaching we don't have to bother too much about them anymore. So glad the hare was safe - such beautiful creatures! My heart is in my mouth often at this time of year when we drive down country lanes as pheasants just shoot out in front of the car!:)