Thursday, 4 October 2012

Going round in squares..

Since the beginning of term I have been doing most of my crochet in the passenger seat of Mark's car.  This is fantastic because it gives me at least an hour and a quarter of guaranteed crafting time every day.  It's also caused some general amusement because I can whip out my current granny square in pretty much any location.
Yesterday the girl managing the reception at a Jaguar Repair Centre was particularly bemused.  "I think I've seen knitting..."  she said, "but I've never seen THAT before."
Mark had a particularly scary accident on the motorway the other week when the car in front of him clipped a small metal bar.  It flew up into the air and would have gone through Mark's windscreen.  Fortunately he reaised what was happening and took his foot off the accelerator.  Unfortunately the metal bar still hit the bonnet of the Jaguar.  As a result we were at the Repair Centre yesterday.  (I guess I need to point out at this stage that we only have a posh car because Mark works for Jaguar Land Rover..  It's a company car.  There's no way we could afford one in the 'real world'.)
Anyway, I'm getting close to completing my main crochet project - the throw that I've been making all summer.  Now I've started to work some squares using chunky wool on a 10 mm hook.  It's fun and fast but I'm not sure that I'm as satisfied with the effect.  I've also got a 8mm hook that I haven't really experimented with yet. 
I'll post some pictures over the weekend of all the 'work in progress'.


  1. My mother loved to crochet granny squares. I have one of her blankets; it is a treasure. I am so glad everyone was safe.

  2. The accident sounds really scary and could, if not for quick reactions, have been far worse. Glad you are both ok:)

  3. Goodness, that could have been a terrible accident, such a good job that Mark had his wits about him. Looking forward to seeing all your crochet.

  4. whew! that was a close shave - glad it was only the car that was damaged.