Friday, 22 February 2013

A little bit of heaven...

This has been my 'back garden' for the last few days.... the beautiful Stourhead Estate on the Wiltshire and Somerset border.
Purely by chance, I discovered this little pub in the middle of the estate. 
It's just up the valley, at the head of the lake, in the first photo.
Mark and I had the tower room (in the middle of the second photo) for the a ridiculously
cheap mid-winter rate.

It was very much like staying with a wealthy maiden aunt...
(Not that I have one of these - but a girl can dream...)

The bedroom was furnished with antique tables and cupboards.
All of it had seen better days - but it was spotlessly clean and charming...

Here were our immediate neighbours - Stourhead House (owned by the National Trust)

The weather has been great so I've got loads of photos that I'd like to organise into
a couple more posts.
Thomas is delighted to have us at home again -
but it feels slightly claustraphobic to be back in our 1990s modern box!!!!
I think I was born for a slightly grander life.....!!!!!!


  1. Sounds great, I look forward to seeing more of your trip soon.

    Thanks for your comment too and for following my new blog!

  2. That looks absolutely wonderful. I hope you're feeling relaxed and refreshed. x

  3. Wow! I went there for my 40th last year and loved the walks and views and "escaping!" Glad you had a nice time too x

  4. How lovely! Your hotel looks great and your room looks cosy. What a beautiful place to spend a few days:)

  5. Good timing - a break with some good weather, which added to the enjoyment of beautiful surroundings. Look forward to more pics of your time away.

  6. It looks fantastic, glad you had a good time. Seems you got the weather too.

  7. Glad you enjoyed it Jan. I love mid winter breaks and you can get some real good bargains.We are looking forward to a break in a couple of weeks to Rothbury leicestershire.

  8. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos.

  9. It sounds like a lovely get-away. I wish I could get away from this snowy weather for a while!

  10. What a fabulous get away - pretty quilt.........half term is so wonderful x

  11. What a wonderful place to get away, and your tower room looks so pretty. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a wealthy aunt with a country estate?

  12. And that was lovely! The pub makes me yearn for British Fish and Chips ... here in the U.S. I have found nothing that compares.