Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Remembering Blue Skies and Warmth..

The early mornings were generally crisp and cold last week. I liked to pop out of the pub
each morning before breakfast and take a few photos of the lake...
After a nice 'full English' breakfast we headed out across the estate to explore the quiet areas that most visitors didn't have time to find.
We walked this old road several times. 
It used to lead into a village that completely disappeared in the C.19th..

More visitors to Stourhead also make their way to Alfred's Tower (about 2 miles from the main house).  In the summer months it's possible to climb to the top and admire the views over three counties.  The Tower is on the edge of a hill and can be seen from miles around.

We also discovered further lakes down the valley.
There's a thatched house on the right - what a wonderful place to call home!

On a couple of occasions our walk took us onto White Sheet Down.
It was difficult to capture the scale of the 4000 year old hill fort - this is just one small corner.
I was brought up fairly close to the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire.
Both these places have a similar feel of 'ancient presence'...
I'm back at work now AND 'home alone' this week.
Mark has had to go to Paris for business, which is something that happens very, very rarely.
He was extremely grumpy about the trip this morning -
 but I've had some texts this evening saying that they were just doing a bit of sight-seeing.
He's alright really - he's just some-one who has always prefered to sleep in his own home.
Tom and I are fine...
I cooked what I fancied for dinner.
I left school when I was ready - rather than having to wait for my lift.
I am in control of the TV remote.
Having said that, I don't fancy this as a permanent life-style!
Welcome to my new followers.
I hope that everyone is having a good week.


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous trip, it's so picturesque where you stayed. Mick's just the same as Mark, he hates having to go away on business. If it's in this country he tries to get back within a day, no matter how far from home. Not so easy from abroad though.

  2. The photo of the pavilion across the foggy lake is very moody. You can feel the stillness in the air!

  3. Your photos take me to a place I can only dream about. I would especialy love to climb to the top of The Tower. History is calling out to me, while looking at your photos...

  4. I agree with Meggie, your photos take me places. That tower is incredible. I'd love to know the history of the hill fort too.

    Thank you for your well wishes too.

  5. Absolutely stunning photos Jan - what a beautiful place.

  6. Gorgeous photos and lovely weather too. We do complain but I'm sure we appreciate the sunny days much more for all these grey days we get!

    It's lovely to be home alone for a little while I find, there's so little mess made when the men aren't around! I wouldn't like it permanently either, but a bit more often I wouldn't mind!

    Hope Mark has an enjoyable time in Paris. I'm one who prefers to sleep in my own bed too!

  7. Your first photo looks like a postcard! I read a few years ago that you can climb the trees there - I don't know if that is still true, but my kids would love that. Have a lovely day!

  8. How wonderful to be able to walk to that lake everymorning before breakfast. White Sheet Down looks fascinating. Enjoy your time in charge of the TV remote control:)