Wednesday, 13 February 2013

You couldn't make it up..

I have just come home from the set of 'Waterloo Road'!  (For any non-UK readers, this is a secondary school based TV soap with the usual daft story-lines).  I wish I could tell you all the gory details but - for professional reasons - I've got to be a bit careful.

So... here are the edited high-lights.

A member of staff has been making wild e-mail allegations about a piece of blu tac and her handbag.

Many staff are refusing to talk to each other.  One member of staff has been hiding most of the day in my classroom.

Some-one actually walked out of school and is talking about refusing to come back.

As a sub-plot another member of staff has completely alienated their area of the faculty through a sequence of highly inappropriate comments.

Music seems to be the only area where any sense of sanity reigns....  Although it has to be said that we DID briefly consider making a few small blu tac figures and placing them outside the office of the offended member of staff.  (Common sense has prevailed since then and we're keeping our distance.)

More seriously, a Year 11 class have rebelled and my boss is being 'hauled over the coals'.  I'm just waiting for the cameras to start rolling.  You really couldn't make this story up!

Two more days to half-term.........!


  1. Gosh, it all sounds... interesting...? Hooray for half term, hopefully things will settle down and return to normality (or something like!) after, when everyone's had a break.

    Thanks for your kind words on my '29' post.

  2. Goodness me! Never a dull moment by the sound of it! Marina xx

  3. Sounds like fun (NOT!!). I take my hat off to you Jan, I couldnt teach in a million years! Roll on next week for you.

  4. Thank goodness your department is still sane! Enjoy half term next week. x

  5. My goodness, it all sounds quite challenging for you, no wonder you are ready for half term:)

  6. I thought the staff were supposed to be the grown-ups. I'm sorry but it did make me laugh when you said you were going to make some blu tac figures. I think it very wise that you thought better of it, I don't think the member of staff would have seen the funny side. You'll be ready for half-term by the sound of it.

  7. One of things that I like about supply teaching is that you tend not to get dragged into all the "politics" that goes on in schools. Enjoy your half term break it sounds as though you need it!

  8. I could never be a teacher! my goodness...the stories my kids tell me! the inmates are usually running the asylum! and now the staff too?! good luck. enjoy your break.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  9. I think they all need spraying with a fire hose--kids included.

  10. Sounds like a small school, is it? I taught at a very small school once and it was like that. I taught at a large school too and it wasn't quite as bad, or maybe I was oblivious because I was young and new. One more day, hang in there.

  11. You definitely sound as though you need a break - enjoy next week and forget about all the goings on.
    Patricia x

  12. Hey there!
    I just found your blog!
    I'm a Teaching Assistant that works with Special Education Children in a public school, we have inclusion classrooms so I'm in a regular day to day class every day, I work with 6th through 8th grade and last year I worked at an Alternative HS with habitual law breakers, fighters and kids diagnosed with serious mental illness...
    My whole point in telling you all of this, is with everything and the children/teens I have to work with, I have never had issues like you have!! That's absolutely crazy that you have to put up with things like that and that grown adults with educations and working with children choose to behave in such a manner. There should only be the most high of standards and professionalism in the public school systems! I'm sorry that you have to work in such an environment!