Monday, 13 May 2013

Charity Events and Other Things...

In January 1995 my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Within a couple of weeks of her diagnosis it was general knowledge that Linda McCartney also had breast cancer.  While Linda fought and lost her battle her battle in the public eye, my Mum quietly fought her battles and won.  She had surgery, more sugery, treatments and monitoring - and eventually gained the 'all clear'.
Despite her current 'trails and tribulations' with Huntington's Disease, we've always remembered the great support that she had from the NHS in Manchester and the local cancer charities during that difficult period.  Each year there's a major car event at Prescott Hill Climb to raise money for cancer charities in the West Midlands.  We've been regular attenders since the event started.
This year Mark took the silver Marcos up the hill a couple of times. 
Mum was so proud to be the first passenger on the hill with Mark yesterday morning....
Dad brought along his own 'sporty' red Nissan.  Here he is - lining up the cars with space for a picnic.  Unfortunately the weather turned really wet over lunchtime and it wasn't the sunny, leisurely event we've enjoyed on some previous occasions.
The event is very popular with the Marcos Club.  Here's Mark's car, lined up with some of her Marcos 'friends' in the paddock.

The event draws all sorts of cars out of their owner's garages.  I love the vintage style of these big old cars and the way that their drivers frequently 'dress the part' with tweeds, caps and headscarves.
Mark enjoyed the day a great deal.  He loves testing his cars on this track.  Sadly he had to come home and pack again last night.  He's working in Prague for three days this week. 
Thomas and I are 'home alone' again...  The 'plus' side of this is that I get the chance to select what we watch on TV and I can 'make like a star fish' in bed....!  The 'down' side is that it's really quite wierd being here on my own.  I'm not great at being a 'single cat parent'!


  1. Well done Mum , its great to see her looking so well bless her. Gorgeous cars. My hubby works shifts and we don't see each other when he works late evenings/nights. I know what you mean xxxxx

  2. What a great day and a good cause. Cancer killed both of my grandparents but years ago, before she died of another cancer, my gran had breast cancer too. She fully recovered from that and was cancer free for many years before she was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2007 and died in 2008.

    At least Mark isn't away for too long this time, three nights will soon pass by and he'll be home. Make the most of the 'mine, all mine' bed!

  3. MAKE LIKE A STARFISH IN BED--I love that description!!! I get to do it every night, LOL. Wonderful for your mother--and the cars are gorgeous!! I like the old ones the best!

  4. That looked like a fun charity event despite the rain and a specially personal one for your family. Hope the time passes quickly without Marc being there.

  5. What a great way to have fun and raise money for charity! I love the way you spend time, and have fun, with your parents. I enlarged the photographs - all the better to see - and those cars are beautiful, both the vintage and the sporty ones.

  6. It's great to see your Mum getting out and about despite the problems she faces- she must have a very positive attitude. Two of my aunts have had breast cancer ( one died, one survived) and also KL's godmother, who had a double mastectomy. J and KL were both out at events on Friday night , and I found being home alone in the evening very strange!

  7. It's great to be raising money for such a worthwhile cause whilst having lots of fun. Glad to see that your mum didn't miss out on the action. I hate being home alone so I sympathise, but I'm sure Mark will be back before you know it.

  8. Make like a starfish....I love that :) I hate it when my husband has to travel too but Mark will be back before you realise!

    Great photos of such a great cause xx

  9. What a remarkable lady your mother is and what a great way to raise money for such deserving causes. It looks like a wonderful event:)

  10. It's great that you can give back to those who supported your mom's struggle.

  11. So proud of your mom - what a scary and difficult road she and your family must have had. She looks so happy :)

  12. I can only echo all the above comments, wonderful! x

  13. What a fighter your Mum is and how lovely to be able to raise money like that. Happy silly seasoning xx

  14. Hello Jan
    Wonderful to hear your mother won her battle with cancer and also participating to help raise funds for such a good cause.
    Love those smashing cars...the sleek ones! I like the vintage ones to ... to look at :-)
    In my case a couple of days on my own makes me appreciate my husband even more when he returns.... its a breather for us both.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  15. What a great day out and for such a good cause! So glad your Mum came through the Cancer.

    I know how much fun Prescott is - for many years we competed in Hillclimbs all over the UK and were at Prescott four or five times a year to compete - were BOC members and it is a lovely place to visit :-)