Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fabulous Free Functions....

I love the way digital photography and the internet make such fantastic partners.  Recently I have become a complete 'PicMonkey' addict.  I find it incredible how much I can do with the free on-line functions.   I've had hours of harmless fun creating retro-style posters with the 'Posterise' effect!  Here's the process that I used to create my latest header...
I started with a view of a stile, taken on a walk above Crickhowell (in the Brecon Beacons) last April.
This is the 'Posterised' version - plus text...
I then started to add other effects - to give a rather more vintage feel.
This version ended up looking suitably sepia, but way too over-exposed..

And this is the finished item - hopefully looking just like the front cover
of a Bartholomew Map from the 1920s or 30s..

I can confirm that cars 'posterise' nicely - but people end up looking a little demonic!
For some-one who used to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one hour development of 24 exposure films, I can't help delighting in all this wondeful FREE stuff!
Also -all my lovely Year 11s left today - Sob!!!
This is my 24th summer of saying goodbye and I still can't prevent a bit of a cry for the ones that went the extra mile and made me proud.
What a softie!!!!


  1. PicMonkey is great and I do love your 'posterised' photos. x

  2. I have used picmonkey but haven't done much playing with photos on there, I really like what you've done with that photo though.

  3. What fun! I must give it a go.

  4. I love pi monkey too! Did you know you can change the size of your photo too (when saving) to create a different look too, to make a thinner or wider or whatever blog header for example....such fun! My year 11 boy has to carry on until half term and then has "controlled revision" sessions. Poor him xx

  5. I've never tried picmonkey. I love the posterised version of your photo though, I must give it a try. Daniel leaves school after a leaver's assembly on Wednesday, it's scary thinking that I have a child who is no longer school age. He's got to go back for his remaining A levels though.

  6. I haven't used PicMonkey. It sounds as if it has some good editing features. The poster version of your photo looks great! It's always a poignant time when the students you've worked with move on and I'm sure they will miss you too and your input in their studies.

  7. I've never used PicMonkey but will go and have a look. I like the transformation of your photo to a poster, it looks great:)

  8. You are such a good teacher!!! Thank you for teaching me this! :-)

  9. Crazy for PicMonkey. I am astonished how much we used to pay for a roll of film, pay to have it developed, and only have a few good photos. PicMonkey has made photography more accessible (and enjoyable) for everyone, like its predecessor Picnic. Your photos look wonderful!