Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Walk to Meeting..

While the rest of my family are 'cornerstones' of the local Church of England, my prefered venue on a Sunday morning is the Quaker Meeting House in town.  It's about 3 miles from my house but - with a little careful planning and some decent weather - I normally walk one way or the other.  (Mark either drops me off or collects me.)

The weather was wonderful here on Sunday morning so I decided to take my camera with me. 
I set off at about 9.30...

The first view is across open fields.  On a clear day you can see the Malvern Hills from this point.  On Sunday it was really hazy.

I walk next to the main road almost all the way - but sometimes it can be quite quiet for a few moments..

Shortly after I come to the edge of the Golf Course.  During WW2 this was a small airfield.  I think the fencing could date from that period...

Next there's the allotments.  People were already working hard on some of the plots...

Shortly after the walk starts to go through a more built up area.  This is where my sister lives (in the houses on the left).  Her house is just over 100 years old and they are only the second family to live in it.  They bought the house about 10 years ago from the daughter of the original builder!

I've always loved the detailed tiling in this bay window.  It's the only one in the terrace with this feature..

Then I walk past the entrance to Gheluvelt Park (named after a WW1 Battle that the Worcestershire Regiment were involved in and created as a memorial).

There are some large early 19th Century houses in the next stage of my walk.  Most of them have been converted into offices - but there are plenty of hints of their former glory..

Shortly after this I start to walk past small shops and the Grammar School..

When the suns shining, I can't resist peaking through doorways to take pictures of the blossom.
This is the entrance to some 19th Century Almshouses...

After the almshouses I turn down a side road and into an area known as 'The Aboretum'.  My sister used to live down this road when she first moved to Worcester.

This is the side of the Library, looking back up to the main road.  I love the way Worecster's red brick buildings glow in the sun..

...And here's the garden of the Meeting House - a tranquil little corner tucked away in the city...

..And finally my destination - the door to the meeting.

I hope that you enjoyed this little insight into my weekends.


  1. What a fabulous trip to the Quaker House, I'd certainly be walking there each time as opposed to driving! x

  2. What a lovely walk, and so many interesting buildings.

  3. Hi Jan, yes I completely agree with Scarlet, lovely walk. I do like walking alone, I find it the best time to do some thinking.

  4. That is a beautiful walk. I love that bay window also. It looks like a long walk too, how far is it?

  5. What a lovely walk and much needed space in such a beautiful surrounding x

  6. What a lovely walk to your meeting - the garden of the Meeting House does look very tranquil, you must feel so calm after being there. You pass some wonderful places en route, no wonder you look forward to walking there or back:)

  7. I couldn't walk half that distance--wish I could--glad you can. It is a nice idea to find peace and tranquility BEFORE you get to church--sets you in the right mood. I love the buildings and the gardens and the houses. What a lovely part of this world you live in.

  8. That lovely walk should clear your head on a Sunday morning. How lovely that your sister knows the history of her house, even though it's quite an age. The bay window is really pretty.

  9. How lovely....I really do enjoy seeing your surroundings. The photos were wonderful...

  10. A lovely way to settle the mind either before or after your meeting.

  11. Your walk gave me fond memories of my wonderful visit to England 15 years ago. Your photos really capture the lovely sights that are what makes your country so unique and charming.

  12. What a delightful walk Jan !