Thursday, 26 September 2013

A trip down memory lane...

This is the Oxford of my memories..
The curve of the High Street - buses, bikes and tourists..

The University Examination Hall..
(I actually took my Grade 1 Music Theory exam in this enormous building - aged 7)

The Jewellers where Mark found my engagement ring...

...And colleges where I went on Language and Linguistics courses while I was studying for my A Levels..

University security men outside the Sheldonian Theatre - and a graduation ceremony taking place..

Oxford's Debenhams - Home of my Mum's "Great Ryvita Scam"
(She convinced us that Debenham's Ryvitas were the most exotic food stuff on the planet - rather than the cheapest option.  Oddly enough, my sister and I still have an obsession with crackers and savoury biscuits.  Early training lasts...!)

Boswells - Home of pretty much anything and everything.
(I actually bought 8 X 100Watt light bulbs there on Saturday)

This is the Oxford of new memories...
made last weekend during my Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Weekend.
Oxford Prison and Castle..

I left Oxford in January 1991 when the prison was still in use...  The castle is now a museum..

While the main building has now become a luxury hotel....

My parents opening some of the huge number of cards from family, friends and neighbours..
Grandad and Youngest Niece - exhausted by the process!!!!

~ X ~
A warm welcome to my new followers.  I will come and find your blogs at the weekend!


  1. Hello Jan
    One of the birthday presents I gave my mother was a weekend together in Oxford. I was studying in the Teaching college in Hastings at the time and neither of us had been to Oxford. Your photos bring back fond memories of the long weekend we had together there and at the time we were more than impressed with Oxford. I always shared my mother's love of history,of old buildings and Oxford has plenty of that.

    Certainly looks as if your parents had sackfuls of mail. 50th wedding anniversary...oh! my ....that is wonderful!
    keep well


  2. Thanks so much for including us in your memory lane.
    I really enjoyed it !

  3. I love Oxford - such a magical place. Glad you had a good time xxx

  4. Thankyou for sharing Oxford Jan. It's a place that J and I would love to visit - we haven't got there yet, but one day...
    Congratulations to your parents!

  5. Thanks for sharing this post Jan. I love to follow along on one of your excursions. Your buildings are so beautiful. It's a shame that my country has destroyed so many historical buildings in favor of modernizing.

  6. I've never visited Oxford, it looks like there's some great buildings there. I would enjoy visiting the museum in the castle. Glad your parents enjoyed their celebrations.

  7. what a lovely way to celebrate their anniversary (congratulations to them!) and I love the idea for this post of sharing old memories and adding the new.

  8. Lovely post Jan. We were only saying the other day that we've never actually been to Oxford. We've driven through several times, skirted the city many times but just never actually got out and walked around. Definitely see a weekend there sometime. Congratulations to your parents. Sounded like a lovely trip down memory lane for you all.
    Patricia x

  9. I've not been to Oxford either but it looks fabulous and as for those buildings.....lovely! Congratulations to your parents. x

  10. It's a long time since I was in Oxford so I've loved your photos and memories - I think I saw the prison/hotel in an episode of Lewis:)

  11. Amazing pictures. How lovely to be able to have these old, majestic buildings right there in your life, like it was all just typical. Fifty years! Isn't it wonderful. I would have had 56 this past June, but something bad happened around the 27 year mark.

  12. Tony and I keep saying we would both love to visit Oxford one day. I'm sure we will get round to it! Your photos look great.

  13. I admit I don't know Oxford very well, but look forward to exploring it more in the coming months. Have a great week!