Sunday, 15 September 2013

It's all good! Well almost....

Life has been altered beyond all recognition in 'Stand and Stare-Land' over the last two weeks.  I have stuck to my new school year resolutions and..
  • Sleep (the real stuff that lasts for hours - not crashing out from exhaustion, then fretful wakefulness from midnight onwards) reigns supreme!  I feel great and could take on the world.
  • Work is fine.  I'm making decisions with a clear head and a sense of perspective.
  • I have Evenings....... real ones!  I have the energy to walk, read, do household chores, chat to friends on the phone and even go out and socialise.
  • My weight has dropped by some 4 kilos - just in 2 weeks.
Now that I've reflected a bit, I can see that it wasn't really work that hijacked my life..... it was my atrocious sleep patterns.  I can also see the way that I constantly adjusted my life to compensate for my sleep deprivation.  It's been a bit like coming out of a long dark tunnel..... and I'm ridiculously excited about it all at the moment!  Life without a 'dragging tiredness' is much more fun.

Unfortunately, I think my new found energies may be taken up by family worries in the next few months.  Mark's Mum had a scan recently and she found out at the end of last week that she has a brain tumour.  We are waiting to find out the details - she has an appointment on Tuesday. 

Last night we went to Oxford to take Mark's Dad out for a birthday meal.  Mark's parents have been separated for almost 20 years but his Mum always phones on his birthday.  She hadn't rung this year so his Dad was already concerned.  Mark had the unpleasant task of explaining about the tumour.  Difficult....

Mark is also very involved in the final stages of a major project at Land Rover.  He's doing lots of extra hours because the contractors are working to his design and brief for the conveyor systems.  He's keeping a remarkably calm exterior but I think the his stress levels are rising.

The main problem is that Mark's Mum lives in Lincolnshire.  The journey between Worcester and Sleaford is very awkward - the roads are either extremely busy and frequently clogged up motorways or slow 'A' roads.  We can't visit her for an evening, as we can with Mark's Dad. 

We're not quite sure where all of this is going at the moment.... but I'm glad that I now have the energy to be a bit more useful!!!!



  1. Glad you have more time, it is good isn't it! Sorry to hear about Mark's mum, fingers crossed all turns out well x

  2. What a worrying time for you all. Coping with illness in the family is stressful anyway, but living away from each other makes it harder still. I hope things go well on Tuesday, I'll be thinking of you.

  3. I'm so pleased that you are feeling better yourself, but very sorry to hear about Mark's Mum. Thinking of you and sending all good wishes. x

  4. So sorry to hear about Marks mum.
    Just keep your perspective in tact , make your plans the best you can and try not to worry too much as it really is counterproductive .
    I know easier said than done.

  5. Glad about your restful sleep--wish I could find that! About Mark's Mum--don't project--don't worry about the what if's--one step at a time and deal with that step. Then on to the next. I know it is difficult--especially with everything else going on. Nice that his Mum and Dad are still friendly--that makes it all a bit easier. She may eventually have to go to a nursing home--whatever they are called there in the UK and you might want to--casually--be on the look out for one that is closer to you? Don't fret about it, just as you are driving about, see what is nearer to you? It's nice to have a plan, just in case, but not one that has to be set in stone or implemented--until that step comes. I think. (What do I know--I am a terrible worrier!!) :-)

  6. I'm very sorry to hear about Mark's mum but pleased that you are well.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about Mark's Mum and the problem of her living at a distance which makes it difficult to be there for her more often. I hope you get some more information on Tuesday and you and Mark can cope with this new concern when you're both needing to focus on work and Mark is working all hours on this major design project. I'm glad your sleeping patterns are improving and your energy levels are better. Sending my best wishes.

  8. Glad things are looking better for you now and you're feeling better but so sorry to hear your news about Mark's mum and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Patricia x

  9. Sorry about Marks mum but hope the tumour is operable and benign. Glad you are feeling better Jan and that your sleep is much improved. Wish mine would!!

  10. Hi Jan

    Thanks for your comment, you are always so kind! I'm struggling a bit with the change from supporting to leading - I keep forgetting I'm not there as a TA and I'm finding it hard to walk in to someone else's classroom and take control, but my new teacher and mentor has been great so far and I feel like I get on much better with her than my other mentor. She's been really helpful and very keen to involve me, as a teacher. I know it's only Monday, but things are looking up now! Thanks for thinking of me :)

    I hope everything is ok with you and you're still doing well with your new routine. I need to get my eating and sleeping habits sorted too, I'm still trying to find a way to manage everything and still have time for an early night! I hope the appointment with Mark's mum went ok and you got some good news.

  11. I do hope that the news is good for you and Mark. Suzy x