Monday, 30 September 2013

Good Things....

I picked up a horrible cold from the kids at school at the end of last week...
but the weather on Saturday morning was far too nice to stay at home feeling miserable.
We hurtled through the food shop then headed off for the Worcestershire+
Shropshire border and my favourite stretch of the Severn Valley.
This time we parked by the river, just south of Bridgenorth, and followed a trail
through National Trust land round the edge of Dudmaston Park.
There were some fabulous opportunities for early Autumn photos...
The trees were just starting to turn by the 'Big Pool'..

The house is closed to visitors on Saturdays so the parkland was really quiet...

We crossed the main road and followed the footpath to the north,
 up a valley with further small pools and fishponds...

It was a beautifully tranquil spot...

Eventually we followed a track out of the valley and started to walk south again,
along a gentle ridge with great views...

This house, near the church in Quatt, is in the process of being restored.
The sandstone panels round the windows were carved at some stage in the past.
Now they are really weathered - but you can just about make out the design...

Shortly after I took this picture a lovely elderly gentleman wandered down the lane.
He stopped to chat and offered us a taste of the late season raspberries that he'd just picked.
We started chatting (as you do!) and he explained that he'd lived on the Dudmaston Estate all his life.
His father had been the Gamekeeper and he'd been born in the Gamekeeper's Cottage.
I felt really privileged to be talking to someone who had such a detailed knowledge of the area.
He gave me some 'top tips' for the best places for Autumn colour photos - which I'll definitely be following up!

Then we wandered back across the fields to the car....

....and our picnic!
Other good news in 'Stand and Stare-Land'...
My Mother in Law's tumour is benign.
Obviously there are still further decisions to be made with regards to treatment
and her health needs to be monitored....
But we don't have to deal with the 'Big C' - Thank God.


  1. That is good news and must be a big relief for you - I hope that any treatment is arranged quickly for her - there's nothing worse than waiting for treatment - photo's are beautiful xx

  2. HI Jan, good news about the MIL tumour. Thank goodness it's benign.
    Looks like a beautiful place to walk, the coming weeks are going to be amazing with the experts tipping that this autumn the colours will be the best for years.

  3. What wonderful news-I know you're relieved! Beautiful photos!

  4. Good to hear about your MIL. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, hope your cold is gone :) xx

  5. Such good news for your mother-in-law. And your photos have just wowed me. You should have the first and fourth framed, or put them in a contest. I'm looking forward to the photos you get from the tips the gamekeeper's son gave you.

  6. Wonderful news about your mother- in -law .
    The picture with those huge tree and the path ...gorgeous ~ like out of a fairy tale !

  7. Thank God indeed. It just amazes me that there were actual families who lived in those grand estates--how did they ever have enough money for the upkeep? I am so glad you are able to walk and walk and walk! Do it while you can, because you never know when a knee or hip will just wear out!!!

  8. That is wonderful news about Mark's Mum. You must all be so relieved.
    Your photographs are wonderful - as a tree-hugger I absolutely love the fourth one.

  9. I'm so pleased to hear the good news about Mark's mum, it must be such a relief for you all. Such a beautiful area you visited, your photos are really lovely.

  10. Such good news about MIL and hope all will be okay with her. Lovely photos of your walk and how nice to meet up with the Gamekeeper' son.
    Patricia x

  11. Good news about mum-in-law, what a relief!
    What a lovely trip out you had. x

  12. So pleased to hear about your Mum. I hope the treatment now is easy to cope with and that you all can relax a little! This was a lovely walk. I don't think I've ever heard of this house. It looks really lovely and I love the red brick too! How interesting to meet someone who had been involved with the estate for so long and who had even more history through his father! Funny how there is this wealth of knowledge all around us...there for us to 'tap into' if we will only take the time instead of rushing from one thing to the next! I do hope that you are feeling fully recovered now. Joan

  13. I'm catching up on your blog posts. Very glad to hear the good news about your MiL.
    Your walk near Dudmaston Park looked like a good one especially meeting and having a chat with the former gamekeeper of the estate.