Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Now the weather's colder...

I lost some of my crafting 'mo-jo' over the summer - 
It seemed far too hot to work on large woolly projects,
 then I lost interest in a smaller-scale crochet bag.
The darker evenings and horrible weather have had one bonus -
I've picked up my hooks again!
Since the beginning of the month I've made these children's blankets.
(My Mum knows some-one who hands them out as part of a Charity project)
I make them with a large hook and chunky wool - so they grow quickly and are soft and snuggly..

I also made my first ever 'wave' pattern scarf.
I gave it too my younger niece as a birthday present because the colour was perfect for her and I know that she loves long 'Doctor Who' style scarves.
I've also finished my latest granny square throw. 
I've just got to get through the process of finishing off all those ends...

I've learnt a lot about picking up stitches, keeping my work neat and changing direction in this throw.
It's not perfect - but I'm pleased with the overall effect.

I'm wondering whether I've got the confidence to try making a jumper next.  I used to design my own knitting patterns so I've got some idea of where to start in terms of shape and tension. The wave pattern scarf has also convinced me that I can work neatly in lines as well as squares, which is probably key to making something to wear.  I love making the big, chunky charity blankets while we are travelling to work, but it would be nice to have a evening project for myself too.
In the meanwhile, I still don't feel like finishing the crochet bag.  Isn't it funny how some projects seem doomed to lurk for months at the bottom of the craft bag....!
PS - Yes - I really do play the harp!  It's been part of my life for so long that I rather take it for granted - but it is a rather nice thing to have in the corner of the lounge!!!  Thank you for all your lovely comments on the last post.


  1. Absolutely love the colours in your Granny Square throw, beautiful. It sounds like you've been doing quite a bit of crochet recently, those blankets are such a lovely idea. I think we all have a something left to lurk in the back, giving out occasional guilt pangs :) xx

  2. I too love that Granny Square throw. The colors are so soft. You are really a whiz with that crochet hook.

  3. I enjoy making baby things for a craft group that distributes them. I love your granny square throw--my gosh, it's beautiful. I always have to have a crochet project, a knitting project AND a cross stitch project to get me through the dark evenings of winter. I mainly "listen" to TV while I work on them. I must say--I am impressed that you play the harp--a dream of mine when I was about 12 years old, but no near place for lessons nor money for the instrument--so I settled on the French Horn. I still play--lately, as I age, when I play, it sounds rather like a moose in heat or something, I used to be quite good--now? Not so much. LOL.

  4. Your crochet work is lovely. I can just imagine you sitting in an evening and crocheting or playing the harp. They're both interests and skills that must give you a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment.

  5. Lovely pieces of crochet work - I like the colour of the scarf. I wonder what you will chose to make next?:)

  6. You've certainly made up for losing your crochet mojo through the summer, you've steamed ahead with these projects. You work with such lovely colours. How lovely to be able to play the harp. A young girl, she must have only been about six or seven, showed how she was learning to play the harp at the competitive music festival which Eleanor competes in this year. It's the first time they've had a child play the harp and everyone was so interested to see and give her encouragement to carry on. Her harp was tiny.

  7. Lovely crocheted projects. I bought some yarn and hooks about six months ago to make a throw. Like you I simply did not get around to it but always thought when the dark chilly evenings arrive I'll make a start. Have I? No. I'll start next week!!
    Patricia x

  8. Isn't it strange how we all turn to crafting once the autumn comes around? There is something about the cooler weather and dark nights. Baking is something else that I find I have a yearning to do too. Can't do too much eating of it though, it'll be back to Weightwatchers before I know it!
    Great idea for the blankets too.