Monday, 14 October 2013

One Wet Weekend...

I'm still pinching myself..... but this tidy, co-ordinated lounge actually belongs to me!!!
On Friday evening I decided that the drifts of crafting stuff; the mountains of old car mags, DVDs and books; and the mis-matched soft furnishing HAD TO GO.
I wish that we'd taken a photo before we got started. 
Things weren't exactly in a complete state of chaos - but it had all started to 'bug' me a bit.
Here's the results of all our labours over the weekend..  A new lamp-shade and cushion covers.
The sofa has also been re-positioned so that the 'music end' of the room is more open.
I've kept all the things I love..
We found this pretty little cupboard in the basement of a junk shop years ago.
It hides all the wires and gives some useful storage.

The large bay window has always been a bit of a 'dead space'.
Mark spotted this bench and persuaded me to buy it at the weekend because he loves window seats.
I already had the scatter cushions in the back bedroom and
I was delighted to see the way everything fits with the new curtains...

We treated ourselves to a new light-fitting and the mirror.
The effect is quite 'Downton' (!!!) but it all came from Dunelm (pretty cheap!)

...and here's the finished room from the window seat.
All my crochet has been tucked away in a wooden box I inherited from my Nana
(under the lamp by the fireplace)

As you can see - I'm really into the 'vintage' style.
Almost everything you can see has been inherited, rescued or bought cheaply.
I'm not a very confident person when it comes to styling rooms - but I'm really pleased with how things have come together this time.
I hope that you've enjoyed a little insight into the things that have been keeping me from blogging recently!


  1. It looks good - tidy and homely :)

  2. It looks lovely, you must be really pleased with yourself:)

  3. It's lovely Jan; very classic and elegant, and your instruments are absolutely beautiful. I've just blitzed the attic room - it's so tidy now that I keep going up there to have a look at it!

  4. Your room is absolutely gorgeous Jan! Do you play the harp? What a beautiful thing to have in your room as well... Your room is beautiful, warm and inviting.
    Have a great week my friend,

  5. I noticed the harp too...Do you play?Your room looks so cozy and warm. It must be a comfortable place to relax.

  6. Sweet room! I know how things tend to pile up, especially with crafts. Your room looks so relaxing. I didn't know you played the harp too. Wish I could sit on your sofa and listen in.

  7. Love the downtown light! Your room looks cosy and peaceful, perfect antidote to a crazy day! All ready to snuggle down for winter xxx

  8. A HARP! DO I SEE A HARP! OHMYGOSH!!! Do you play? Don't you love the old box to store the crafts in. Nice and handy and yet out of sight! I love mine. Your room looks warm and relaxed and cozy. Nothing wrong with a Downton look--we here in the states are all crazy, nuts about the Downton series and can barely wait for the next season. My friend is viewing my DVD's on the previous series at this time. I need to watch season 3 again to catch my memory up on what has happened.

  9. Please will you come and help me tidy my room??!! Lovely Jan - it must give you pleasure every time you enter - and a harp - wow! Looks amazing, do you play? x

  10. Looks great jan, you have been really busy. Our lounge isn't too bad but I couldn't bear to tidy away my big basket of home mags and bag of woolly projects(several of which are on the go at the same time).

  11. Oh that looks lovely Jan, very warm and inviting. It's surprising how just a few things like new cushions, lamps and curtains can really turn a room around. I'm into de-cluttering at the moment - a horrible job but oh so liberating once its all done. Have a great week.
    Patricia x

  12. It's fabulous, very stylish. I love your beautiful piano and goodness me, a harp, do you play it? I've got a thing for window seats too, the bench looks great in the bay.

  13. Doesn't it feel good when you get everything organised. Your room looks lovely and cosy. Hurrah for Dunelm too - we got some lovely new blinds from there recently:)

  14. What a lovely room, so peaceful and relaxing, I love traditional styles... and a harp, how beautiful :) xx

  15. It all looks so neat and tidy and I don't think I know anyone else who has a Harp in their living room. Fabulous! xx

    1. Hello Diane,
      Yes it does look very neat - not at all like my cluttered old pad, but I do have a harp! However, as you don't know me your statement is absolutely correct, and besides I do not have a Harp - I have three!
      Cheers.... Bernard

  16. It's always fun to get a peek inside another blogger's home...lovely decorations. My holiday, in Scotland, continues to have good weather...not one day of rain. Thanks for your comments...

  17. Thank you for the tour - the room looks so warm and inviting!

  18. You've created a comfortable room to relax in. It's always pleasing to have some new items as well as those well-loved ones that mean a lot to you. I like the colour scheme. Seeing a harp in a room always makes me feel peaceful. I can just imagine it being played.

  19. I love your style! I also like to re-purpose and and reuse things. The cabinet is really a lovely piece of furniture.

  20. UUUUUUhhhhh I love it all just my style I so wish I could have my living room like that! It is totally impossible my husband has a decor mind of his own grrr! the harp is perfect and I've read in your latest post that you also play it. I've heard it is quite difficult to play???
    keep well

    Amanda :-)