Monday, 25 November 2013

Routemasters and Other Things...

Things have been  'mid-term' chaotic here -
400 effort grades and levels to do...
130 Year 8 reports to write...
Endless coursework to mark (to the rigorous detail of a new specification)..
The final weeks before a school show (in which I'm playing the piano almost continuously for hours every evening)...
AND Ofsted are now 7 TERMS overdue..!!!
My Mother-in-Law came to stay for three days at the end of last week to celebrate her 70th Birthday..
and Mark's been really ill (but is fine now)
So it's the little things that are making me smile...
like my husband's deeply eccentric ways of showing affection.
At the end of last week I was moaning that our lunatic schedule of commitments was making it impossible to get any real exercise.
"If I keep on like this, " I moaned "I'll be like the back end of a bus!"
"Never mind," said my husband supportively "You're my cute little Routemaster!!!!!"
It's a good thing I share his sense of humour!!!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that. I love Mark's comment! Only three weeks to go then I hope you can put your feet up for a while!

  2. You really do have a busy schedule. Just hang in there until Christmas break and relax!

  3. MY GOSH--glad Mum got to be with you for awhile. Your schedule would kill a woman my age!!!

  4. How tiring! You have so much going on. I hope you get to relax lots over the holidays.

  5. That's a busy end-of-term work schedule. I'm sure the concert will be greatly appreciated, but you'll be glad when the performance is over. Hope you can keep going until the end of term when you can enjoy the holidays.

  6. It's always so busy for teachers at this time of year. Not long till Christmas now and then you can relax.

  7. My goodness you are very busy at school. Glad to hear your husband is well again. I love his compliment, the Routemaster is the 'bees knees' of buses according to a friend of ours who is mad about buses and trams. Take care you stay well during the next few weeks:)

  8. Jan, I don't know how you keep going. This term always strikes me as being the busiest of the year. Good to hear Mark is on the mend.