Monday, 4 November 2013

Sunrise, Sunset....

Here are a small selection of my favourite photos from last week's break in the New Forest...
Boats on the Beaulieu River - in early morning stillness after the storms had passed..
The hotel's landing stage and reflections of a deep blue sky..

Reflections further up the river as we walked to the little village of Beaulieu..

Peaceful lanes..

Sunset over the marina by the hotel...
..And a seriously dramatic sky (taken a few moments later)
Stormy skies over the Isle of Wight and the Needles...

..And the last sunset of the holiday at Lymington Marina..

I really didn't enjoy the transition back to work this morning.
The pupils were fairly grumpy too - I think we all wanted to be at home under our respective duvets!
After school we had a staff meeting about the latest changes to our pay and conditions.
Pay.... deteriorating (in real terms against the cost of living)
I've popped a couple of shells from the coast near Lymington next to my computer in my classroom.
A little reminder of the beauty of things when everything gets a bit complicated...


  1. It all looks wonderful. The river in your top photo looks like a mill pond, it's so still. Hope work gets better, I think things can get a bit depressing at this time of year but it won't be long now until the Christmas break.

  2. Beautiful photo stroll, thanks so much for the share.
    Some of those boat reflection shots were just so incredibly beautiful and peaceful !

  3. Oh Jan those photos are stunning and so glad you enjoyed your break x

  4. Stunning photos--how can water be that still and quiet? I have shells near me also--when I look at them, I am transported back and can see visions of the sea--relaxes me. Sorry about the changes at school--it seems change is the only consistency in our lives.

  5. I love your scenery. What a wonderful place to visit.

  6. Beautiful photos it is such a lovely part of the country! What a good idea to put the shells on your desk to remind you of your lovely holiday:)

  7. Your photos are stunning, it looks beautiful there. Sorry the first day back at work wasn't the best, hope it doesn't get any worse... only 7 weeks to Christmas hols!

  8. Teachers have always been so grossly under paid... I just don't understand that!! I'm sorry if things are getting worse.
    Your photos are absolutely stunning though!
    Tammy xx

  9. Wonderful pictures. The still water in the first one is so tranquil and peaceful looking. You have some very beautiful places to visit. Thanks for always sharing.

  10. You have taken some gorgeous pictures Jan. Looks so peaceful.

  11. Great photos - thanks so much for sharing them. -- Jan

  12. Amazing photography!
    And beautiful scenery!
    Much love,
    Tammy x