Friday, 1 November 2013

Excuses for my blogging break...

We just about scrambled to the half-term break this year.
I felt dreadful in the week before the holiday - suffering with migraines and stuff - while Mark was completely submerged in some major changes at work too.
You know you really need a holiday when it feels like there's no time to have one!!!
Fortunately I'd spotted a great deal at one of our favourite hotels and booked it way back in July.
We packed our bags, walking boots and the camera - and took ourselves off to the New Forest.
After the storm cleared the weather was perfect for dramatic photographs.
This was the view at the beginning of our walk on Wednesday...
(The view up The Solent from Lymington Marina)
We stayed at The Master Builder's Hotel in the picturesque hamlet of Buckler's Hard.
The hotel is the last two cottages on the left (plus some extensions round the back that overlook the river).  I was constantly rushing down to the water's edge with my camera to try and catch the changing light.

The hamlet is just the two rows of cottages and a marina, so it was the perfect tranquil 'get away'..

A couple of years ago we got a great deal on a room in the attic of the main building.
This time we got a sweet room in the more modern block for a ridiculously good price.

The hotel describes itself as having 'quirky luxury'.
I think it's a bit like staying with an wealthy elderly relative..
(Sadly I don't have one of these in real life!)

Red wine and an open fire completed the relaxation process!

We've come 'back to earth with a bump' today....
(Paperwork for school for me and changing the gearbox on the Discovery for Mark)
Never mind - we can still feel the residual 'chilled-ness' of our break!


  1. I know exactly where that is. It looks like a great place to relax and unwind.

  2. I too know exactly where you've been. It's a lovely place to wind down, relax and take some wonderful photos:)

  3. So so lovely. My Auntie Rosa and Uncle Jack live at Lymington and we love it there. Have always wanted to stay at the Master Builders hotel at Bucklers Hard. Hope you are well chilled out now.
    Patricia x

  4. I've never heard of this place until now but it looks like a wonderful place for a little get away - I must bookmark the hotel for future reference.

    Thanks for your comment, things have changed a lot in the last couple of weeks but I'm not saying anything about teacher training or careers in public any more (see my recent post called 'going private'). I would have invited you to the blog but I didn't have an email address for you, so if you reply to this email you can see what happened after I was ill and had a few days off.

  5. It looked so relaxing ~ I think I am a fan of quirky :)

  6. Did it also have the sort of musty smell of an elderly wealthy relative's home? Actually, I have always loved that smell--family heirlooms releasing their 100 year old smell. What a lovely place for you to go to unwind!!

  7. We visited Bucklers Hard this summer! No chance of us staying in the Master Builder's House but it did look lovely. I'm glad you had a break but my oh my the next half term is always a marathon! Hope you keep a residual trace of relaxation to hand!

  8. It sounds the perfect place for a much needed rest. The first photo is fabulous with the clouds relecting in the water.

  9. It's always good to go back to a place that you know will give you a time of rest and relaxation. Buckler's Hard looks perfect for that and I hope both of you continue to benefit from the break away as you get back into your work situations.

  10. You cant beat getting away from it all for a truly relaxing time. I love to go away for even just a weekend or couple of days, takes you away from the 'norm' and you can forget your worries for just a little while. Sorry about the migraines, mine have been much better since I was prescribed betablockers.(added bonus, I feel super chilled out too, apparently one of the side effects, some days I'm so laid back I'm almost horizontal!). Mine got worse going through the menopause and carried on.Hope you dont have the same.Enjoy your weekend Jan.