Monday, 26 November 2012

25 Years Ago..

At the end of November 1987 - 25 years ago - Mark and I got engaged.
This is the moment that he put the ring on my finger at my 21st Birthday Party..
infront of all our family and friends.
Last Saturday night we had a family meal to celebrate this anniversary.
Everyone got into the 'spirit' of 1987 and dressed accordingly.
I'm a tremendous hoarder and I still have my 21st Birthday outfit - so I wore it again on Saturday!
My sister wore a skirt that she's had since 6th Form and a black C&A shirt that we had always shared
Mark and Dad wore DJs, and my Mum wore a pretty Monsoon evening dress.
My Brother in Law wore his 1980s leather jacket and jeans.
My nieces wore their latest party frocks and looked lovely.
I prepared a 1987 Meal..
Black Russian Cocktails
Pernod and Lemonade
Roast Chicken
Chicken Kiev
Iceberg Salad
Chip Chip Cookie Roulade
(Biscuits soaked in Tia Maria and smothered in Cream)
"Green Stuff"
(A family recipie of Ginger Biscuits, soaked in Whiskey, with Lime Mousse on top)
Rasberry Ripple
(Ice-cream, fresh Rasberries and Rasberry Coulis)
A Cheeseboard of
Bavarian Smoked Cheese, Applewood Smoked Ceddar and Creamy Lancashire
We dug out all the old photos from the mid-late 80s and had a fabulous trip down memory lane.
Welcome to my new followers..
...and a huge "Thank you" to everyone
who helped me out of my technical pickle yesterday!


  1. congratulations x fancy still fitting in your 21st outfit :-)

  2. What a fabulous sounding evening :-) And congratulations.x
    Ps I'm very envious you can fit in something from '87, I certainly can't! Although I was 15 and with a penchant for bright orange so maybe that's a good thing!

  3. Congratulations, there is no way I could fit into anything I wore in the 80's x

  4. That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate.I definitely wouldn't fit in anything from 1987!

  5. What a lovely way to celebrate and recollect your special day. The meal sounded delicious. Congratulations.
    Patricia x

  6. What a great idea for a party. The menu was really interesting to me, especially the desserts!

  7. I adore the fact you celebrate the day you became engaged. What fun! So glad everything (on the tech side) worked out for you. Bonnie

  8. Ooo dear Jan, Congratulations..:)) And big Huges..
    I like your party menu..Yummy..:))

  9. Congratulations, and happy birthday too. Sounds like you had a great celebration, back in 1987 and last weekend. Glad you managed to sort out your photo problems.

  10. Congratulations Jan, only just catching up with my reading!! I think its wonderful that you can still fit into your outfit. No way would I be able to do that!