Monday, 19 November 2012

Lovely Vintage Caravans

Look what I found yesterday...
A small encampment of vintage caravans in a corner of a hall at the NEC!
Here's a beautifully preserved 1930s caravan..

And here's a 'trailer-tent' from a similar period..

I was completely captivated by the care that the owners had taken over the interiors.
Here's a dressing table in the corner of a 1940s caravan..

And here's the living area of the 1950s caravan.

All the owners clearly have a tremendous eye for detail...
I spent ages staring through the doors and windows, admiring the time and effort that must
have gone into collecting all these period items.
We were at the show because Mark's newer car was on the Marcos stand.
As an exhibitor he got free passes for each day - which made it a cheap day out.
He was quite worried when I came with all these pictures...
He seems to think that I'm a little too enthusiatic about George Clarke's new TV series and has openly wondered if I'm about to put a case for caravan ownership!
I don't know.. it might be fun!!!


  1. Oooh, I wish I had known about these caravans.
    Pop over to my blog and check out Maurice my retro caravan workroom.
    Love your blog. X

  2. Jan,you know I'm going to say I covet the 1950s caravan - a heavenly haven of crochet and doilies! I would've loved them and stared through the windows with you!
    Sally x

  3. They are obviously much treasured possessions, I love the table set out for tea:)

  4. The living area of the 1950's caravan is wonderful. I'd love my own little haven on wheels to be able to do up but Mick isn't at all enthusiastic, I'll have to work on him. Just caught up on your previous post, your new suite is lovely and it looks like Thomas thinks so too.

  5. That looks like a wonderful exhibit.

  6. I can remember many a childhood holiday in caravans very similar to those you have shown - I still love them, it would be great to have one at the bottom of the garden as a retreat

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