Monday, 12 November 2012

A couple more blankets and a new suite

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post.  You could probably tell that I was emotionally floundering yesterday afternoon.  Reading all your thoughts and supportive words helped me to get my head straight.  I really appreciated the fact that you took the time to write.

Anyway, here are a few more cheerful things from the world of 'Stand and Stare'... 

The 'Motorway Crochet Project' is working brilliantly.  Here's blanket number 2, largely crocheted in the two weeks before halfterm and finished off during that awful 5 hour journey back from the Lake District.  Its another 5X6 blanket, made with some chunky wool and a lot of blended DK yarns on a 10mm hook. 

This is blanket number 3 - which only took a week to make because it's one large square.  I found some lovely vari-colour baby yarn in a budget shop in Pershore.  I blended it with some blue, green and white DK wools.  It's really soft and snuggly.

Here's our lounge at the moment.  We are waiting for a new suite, which should be delivered tomorrow.  The two armchairs have been dragged in from the conservatory as a temporary measure.  The old suite (which we got from the Co-op back in 1996!) is going to a friend's son.  He and his family are going through some terribly difficult times at the moment and this is something of a 'cheer them up' measure.

We're not really "splashing the cash" though... The new suite was a bargain, clearance, factory direct purchase - costing less than 40% of what we paid for our old suite back in the 90s.  One of those lucky buys that generally happen to other people!!!
Thomas - who loves a day sleeping on the suite if he can get away with it - was horrified when it all disappeared yesterday afternoon.  He made me laugh though. It didn't take him long to work out that it was in the garage.  You could almost see him thinking "Ha - sussed you!  Now put it back...!"


  1. I knit in the car - but my crochet skills are too new and I haven't mastered that yet!
    Just treated myself to a set of hooks in varying sizes, on the advice of Mags at Fraise Lachrymose, so I can use up different yarns.[must make a note that chunky wool needs 10mm hook!]
    blessings x

  2. The blankets are lovely Jan but I'm afraid I cant read or do anything as such when I'm travelling because it would make me travel sick! I need to do a baby pram blanket for our new niece to be but cant see it getting done this side of Christmas.Hope you have a better week this week.X

  3. I like your blankets Jan. I've recently made a pram blanket with granny squares but I didn't enjoy putting it together so the next blanket I may do just one big one instead. I found crochet very relaxing and like you I can do it in the car when hubby driving. I even took it with me on a recent trip to France when we spent hours on the train journey. How exciting awaiting your new suite. Enjoy.
    Patricia x

  4. Ohh your blankets are adorable.. These are also hard works.. But you did them perfect.. I like all granny crochets too much..:))
    Best best wishes...

  5. Your lovely blanket photos give me hope !! My best-childhood friends daughter is having a baby. In December. I have been making a baby blanket. Since August. And just might get it finished by January !!
    eep !!
    Poor Thomas--- you go hiding the furniture from him !!

  6. Is there no stopping you, blankets 2 and 3 in one post. They're both lovely colours. Isn't it great when you hit on a deal, it doesn't often happen to me so it's all the better when it does. Poor Thomas though, I hope he likes the new suite as much as he liked the old one.

  7. I feel a bit left out because I don't crochet, everyone seems to be making blankets except me. Looking forward to seeing your new suite though.