Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Busy Times..

It's been a pretty 'full-on' week so far.  There was a concert on Monday night then a Parent's Evening on Tuesday to help the Year 8 pupils (and their parents) through the options process.

I was especially chuffed with Monday's concert.  I decided to try a slightly different approach and we had a 'New Music Evening'.  All the songs and pieces were written by pupils and 'premiered' to their family and friends.  There were 80 pupils involved (in various vocal groups, bands and soloists) and around 200 people came along to listen.  The atmosphere was great.  The songs were in a huge range of styles - anything from Music Theatre though Folk and Acoustic pieces to Rock. 

Last night was really busy too.  The current Year 8 are a very musical bunch and they are very keen to take my subject as an examination course for the next three years.  I was talking for three solid hours - repeating my little talk over and over as new families arrived in front of my display!  When it came to the end of the evening my colleagues in Drama and Dance had packed up and left and I was STILL talking.....!

I gave myself a little treat today and actually drove out of school 10 minutes after the bell.  I actually needed to get to the Post Office to get some passport photos.  My old passport runs out this year and I need to get the application in for the new one urgently.  I have plans to go and see my best friend, who lives in Geneva, at Easter so things have got to be sorted.  It's the first time I've used one of the new digital 'Photo-Me' booths.  The photo is NOT flattering!!!!!!

Crochet, cooking and a bit of red wine this evening, I think...


  1. I can tell you really love your job Jan. It must be rewarding, I certainly couldnt do it.
    I'm sure you will enjoy your red wine tonight!

  2. I couldn't do it either, but your students must love your course. You make it interesting and let them be creative. Sounds like the parents are interested in you too. How long is your school day? And may I ask - what does chuff mean?

  3. Passport photos are never flattering, but in 10 years time you'll look at it and think "Didn't I look fab!!" xxxxxxx

  4. It sounds a very busy week, but how lovely that so many pupils are wanting to take music as an option. In my experience, much of this is to do with the teachers and how the classes are being taught, whether the lessons they've had so far in the subject are interesting and stimulating, so well done for all the encouragement you've given your pupils. I never thought that Eleanor would take music as an option until she started secondary school and had a fabulous teacher who really motivated her, it's her favourite lesson (along with drama) now.

  5. I bet it felt good to ' escape' so soon after the bell had gone!

  6. I've been re-reading your posts as I've a morning to catch-up on blog visits. Firstly, I hope you're fully recovered from the 'flu as it takes ages to feel completely well. It sounds as if the concert was enjoyable for the parents and rewarding for yourself and the students I'm sure your voice was giving out after the parents' evening and I'm sure you're looking forward to Easter in Geneva! By the way, how's the German going (which you mention at the beginning of the year)? Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend!

  7. What a lovely trip to look forward to! I think having a passport photo taken is one of the most scariest things out and the results......well, mine deserves a no comment! xx