Thursday, 3 January 2013

The convert. ..

Ok... I'm a convert to these tablet things!
Imagine me, reclined on the sofa after a hard day at the chalk face.....
Glass of wine by my side, lamps and cnadles lit,  Jazz FM on the radio. ?
Posting on my blog...
How cool is this?
My main resolution for 2013 was to be a little more chilled about things -
especially at work.
This is VERY chilled! !


  1. I want to be more chilled as well. Lifes too short x

  2. Sounds great! I too am a convert but to my Kindlefire in spite of the many unkind words I've said about them in the past{:)
    I love your header - perfect for winter.

  3. I feel like this about my new android many things it can do...!

  4. It appears you are adapting at a rapid pace! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much.

  5. Good for you Jan, everyone needs some R&R. Happy New Year!

  6. A fabulous resolution! Here's to lots of chilling and blogging in the new the holidays xxx

  7. Happy New Year! You do sound wonderfully chilled and relaxed - so pleased for you.

  8. Glad you are enjoying your new tablet. There is something nice about sitting comfortably whilst 'surfing' - I'm getting used to my Kindle Fire after a few weeks - still lots of things I haven't discovered about it yet though:)

    1. p.s. Every time I leave a comment I keep meaning to say how I love your winter header:)

  9. Chilled? You're as cool as a cucumber. Good for you getting to grips with technology, it certainly sounds as though it makes life simpler, I'll whisper the next bit (until it goes wrong)!

  10. Chilled is good - we all need to do more of it. A chilled glass of Pinot Grigio too turns it into a double whammy! Enjoy your tablet, I couldn't be without mine now.
    Patricia x

  11. Chill out, man! I love being chilled out--might try that today.

  12. Good! They are lovely toys, aren't they? Dead jel, but enjoy!

  13. That sounds great! It's so nice to be comfy whilst on the net but I much prefer my big screen to out net book as it's easier to see and do on a the large screen on my desktop PC!