Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cardiff Bay

On Sunday morning the weather was gorgeous.  We checked out of the hotel and drove down to Cardiff Bay.  We were lucky enough to find the last parking bay right next to the waterfront, wrapped up in our thickest coats and went for a little explore.
This is the 'Terra Nova' Memorial.  It tells the story of the departure of Captain Scott from Cardiff in 1910.  The first few pannels describe the preparations and civic celebrations that took place, while the rest of the display briefly describes the expedition and it's unhappy end.  I loved the way that the canopy had been designed to look like a sailing ship by the water.
We then ambled back to the Norwegian Church.  This little building has a coffee shop and gallery.  It also seems to have a thriving concert series and other events in the main room.

We stopped for a coffee in the church so Mum could have a rest.  This is the view from our table out onto the waterfront.  The windows must look lovely at night when all the candles in the lanterns are flickering in the glass.

We then walked a little further in the other direction and stopped to admire the details in the terracotta tiles on the Pierhead Building.  There was a free display about the history of the docks so we went inside for a little 'nose around'.

The low winter sunlight was reflecting of the water and it created some perfect photo opportunities..

The building is full of beautiful green and turquoise tiles.  This corner of the entrance hall hints at the interior...

We then went on to explore the National Assesmbly building, which is right next door.  We went into the public viewing gallery and I managed to capture this view of the ceiling.  The bright low light gave me just the right lighting conditions.

After all of this pottering, Mum was ready for another sit down.  This is the view from the cafe at the back of the foyer. 

We left the car just as the sun started to lower in the sky.  A clear run out to the M4 and empty roads as we drove back up the A40 and M5 meant that we were home before dark. 
It's hard work to re-organise my life round a weekend away (shopping and house-keeping have to be planned into the evenings before and after the event) but we had a lovely time.  It was worth the effort!


  1. Looks like you all had a brilliant time. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I love to see where places that I haven't visited myself. xXx

  2. It looks like you all had a fun and interesting weekend. I can't relax unless I've got all my jobs done before going anywhere, so I know it must take quite a bit of effort with you working full time. Still, it's worth it.

  3. I had to smile at the photo of the Norwegian church. Minnesota was settled by Norwegians and there are still lots of those old white churches scattered around the countryside. I'm glad you and your mom enjoyed such a nice weekend together.

  4. Love your blog. I will try and visit every day.

  5. Fabulous pictures - glad you enjoyed your break it looks a great place.

  6. Outstanding photos...especially the one taken inside the Pierhead Building. I love that perspective of looking out the window. It would make a great framed photo. Thanks for sharing your week end. I'm doing the same thing...trying to set aside some time on the week end for fun.

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  8. Amazing photos and what wonderful buildings, love both the old and the new! x

  9. Thank you for another lovely tour. That National Assembly Building is fantastic. I can just imagine what it took to build the interior. Love it.