Monday, 22 April 2013

Angels With Rainbow Wings

On the last day of my Swiss trip my friend took me to Lausanne.
This is the tower of the fabulous gothic cathedral, dominating the skyline of the old town.
The inside is characterised by clean lines and this pale grey stone...
Until - suddenly - you walk through the door to the south porch
and find these wonderful carvings from the Middle Ages. 
The entire roof space and all the columns feature key biblical themes and stories. 

700 years ago these statues would have been a riot of colour.
Now - if you look carefully - you can spot little hints of how the whole space
might have looked.  I was completely taken with the idea that angels could have
rainbow wings....

Here's my friend and her girls studying the ceiling..

When we came back into the cathedral there was an impressive view of the organ loft...
My friend's husband is one of those epically clever people who seem to be talented in many
different fields.  As well as being a great Scientist and Engineer, he can also play the organ
brilliantly.  He has played this organ in a concert.  I wish I'd been there to hear him!

I'm 'home alone' again for a few days this week - as Mark is working in Paris again.
In a couple of weeks time he even has to go to Prague to inspect some parts of a new conveyor system.  I'm doing the 'tolerant and supportive wife' - but I hope that his European travel slows down soon because it makes him really tired and I can't help worrying...
I hope that you are all having a good week and enjoying the improving weather!


  1. Impressive Jan and yes I can just see the tinge of colour on the angels wings.Beautiful! I can wander for hours in places like this.
    If you ever get the chance go and see Toledo cathedral,different architecture of course but its another very impressive cathedral and the organ ...most unusual. The city of Toledo is worth a visit too...its a step back in time and El Escorial isn't far away from Toledo either. I long to go back there.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I love old churches and cathedrals so I've enjoyed a lot your post, my husband also travels because his work. And I'm never going to get used to it.

    Hugs from Jerez


  3. I love seeing intricate details of old cathedrals. Thanks for sharing this! So interesting.

  4. Those old cathedrals are so impressive! I've only been in a few but I'm glad they exist throughout the world.

  5. My son is in Switzerland now studying...I have not seen one photo of I love to see yours!!

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos of the Swiss cathedral. I clicked on the photo to see the rainbow wings...very interesting.

  7. So impressive, and those angel wings are just beautiful. You can just see some colour, magical. It's a shame you can't go off on a jaunt with Mark whilst he's working in these lovely cities.

  8. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. I love walking around old churches and cathedrals too. They have been quite a large part of my studies this last year on Renaissance art which includes medieval architecture.
    Patricia x

  9. What a beautiful cathedral those carved figures must have been quite astounding in colour and how wonderful it must be to fill the place with organ music:)

  10. Looking around cathedrals is something I love doing, too. Thanks for showing us the details of the angels and their rainbow-coloured wings. Organ music played on a fine instrument in such a place would be very special.

  11. Lovely photos! I sympathise with you about your husband travelling too - mine has to do the same from time to time and I hate it, I worry constantly too! xx

  12. Great photos of this fantastic place, what a lovely place to explore.

  13. That is a beautiful cathedral and I love the rainbow wings. You know I'm with you regarding hubby travel! x

  14. I never knew they painted those! How interesting... I wonder if all statues were painted at one time or another? hmmmmm

  15. What an amazing place to visit.
    I'm envious!
    I shall live vicariously through you!! :)