Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On a chilly 1st April....

Yesterday we decided to have a day out with M-in-L and Mum and Dad.  Given that none of them can move especially quickly and it was exceptionally cold, we thought that a National Trust property would probably 'fit the bill'.
We decided that Canon's Ashby would be interesting.  A few new rooms have been opened to the public recently and it's in an area of the country that we don't know very well.  Even on a wintery bank holiday the front of the house is photogenic....
The soft colour of the local stone is more evident in the courtyard..

This fantastic fireplace from the early 1600s is on the first floor of the house.  The weight of the marble and stone means that it is completely out of alignment.  Mark and 'the Mums'  are inspecting it closely!

This is the extremely atmospheric long gallery....

At the end of the gallery there's a servant's staircase which you climb down to visit the servant's rooms.  These are the rooms that have just been opened to visitors.  Until recently they formed part of the 'private accomodation' for the family.  It was difficult to photo this patchwork quilt on the cook's bed...

Here's a 'servant's eye' view of the tower and courtyard from the basement kitchen...

And here's the priory church from the grounds of the house..

I thought that the exterior of the church was more interesting than the interior.  It's just a small remaining fragment of a huge Augustian Priory, established in the 12th Century, and now used as the parish church. 
The house is going to feature on next week's Country File - so you can guess what I'll be doing next Sunday evening!!! 


  1. It looks like a lovely day out. National Trust properties usually offer something for everyone, and is a good choice for somewhere to visit when the weather isn't up to much. Unfortunately, most National Trust properties won't allow dogs, even in the gardens, so we're a bit stuck now we've got Archie.

  2. What a beautiful place Canon's Ashby looks from your photos. I must try and watch Country File on Sunday. It was so cold yesterday, it felt colder than it did in the winter:)

  3. What a great looking place. I've heard this cold weather is set to last.....boohoo! x

  4. What a wonderful place, Jan! I love it! If you don't mind I'm going to share your post in facebook in Mr John's group (a group of Spanish people who want to learn more English)

    Hugs from Spain


  5. I've never been to this property but I hope to make it there one day!

  6. What fabulous plank flooring in the gallery! Thanks for giving me a chance to enjoy your country....

  7. What a lovely house Jan and just the place to be on a cold April day.
    Patricia x

  8. Canon's Ashby looks like an interesting property with new rooms open, but not too extensive so you can take in more of the detail. Thanks for letting us know it will be featured on Country File.


  9. Sounds like a fun place to visit!

  10. It is so difficult for us old people to walk very far or very much and we miss going on nice excursions like this. thank you for taking them!!! I would love to se it.

  11. I love all the National Trust properties that I have so far visited and return time and time again. My local is Cliveden, and I try to get up there every month to see the changing beauty in the gardens there.
    Cheers......B (a new follower) :)

  12. What a gorgeous property! It's so hard to imagine what it took to run a place like that so many years ago. Those servants must have been very strong or very determined.

  13. I remembered to watch the Countryfile programme which featured Canon's Ashby. It was interesting, but a very short report.