Monday, 8 April 2013

Between Cities..

I'm snatching a couple of minutes for a post
before Dad comes to take me to the airport for my trip to Geneva. 
Here are a few pics from our trip to Edinburgh..
Here's our hotel - Mark is pointing to our room!
I really didn't expect such a nice room with a great outlook
over the restored dock area in Leith.
Here's another photo from outside the hotel.
I was really surprised by the apparently 'flemish' influence on the architecture..

We walked for miles (and really enjoyed the sunshine). 
This is the walk up to the 'Old Town', with the Castle in the background.

...and a typical 'city street' scene... 

Dad's here!
Hope that you all have a good week.


  1. It looks fabulous, I've never been to Scotland. Have a wonderful time in Geneva.

  2. I visited Edinburgh twenty years ago. Your photos brought back fond memories of that trip.

  3. It looks beautiful. Both of the girls have been to Edinburgh ( K is going again this year as A is running another marathon there), but J and I have never been.
    Have a good trip to Geneva.

  4. Must be 20 years since we visited Edinburgh, where does time go? I'd love to go back one day - hope you have a super time in Geneva:)

  5. Safe travels and enjoy. I have never been "abroad" so I love looking at your pictures.

  6. Oh thank you so much for sharing this Jan ~~ and have a grand ole time in Geneva !