Monday, 15 April 2013

What a Day!

Much as I love my job, I never seem to sleep that well the night before term starts.  I'm not exactly stressing about things but frequently I find that I just CAN'T sleep.  Last night was no exception - the more I talked to myself calmly about the fact that I had to get out of bed at 5.45; had to drive myself round the Motorway; had a meeting before school, and a full teaching day and two meetings after school, AND that my Mum was coming for tea.... - the more sleep eluded me!

I was, shall we say, not exactly at my sparkling best.....

Having said that, after two and half weeks holiday, the kids weren't that great either...

Today I really needed something to happen that would make me feel good about my job... and it did!

At the beginning of the third teaching period the charming young man on the right walked walked into my classroom!   He's a former pupil, now signed with a major record company in the US and touring all around the world.  His band (which play very hard British Metalcore) are really making a name for themselves.  He gets in touch every six months or so to keep me up to date with their progress.  The presence of a real 'Rock Star' in the classroom was just the thing to get my 13 year olds motivated.  To be honest, seeing the next stage of his success was just the thing to get me a bit more motivated again too!

I thought about putting a Youtube video in this post - but Metalcore is a VERY acquired taste.  If you're interested the band is called 'Oceans Ate Alaska' and my pupil is the drummer.  This style of music is completely built around incredibly complex drumming patterns and my pupil writes most of the songs. 

He'd actually come into school to give me a copy of their latest album.. how sweet is that!!!! I got him to sign it.  If they really make the big time then it could supplement my pension!!!!!!!

My line manager is also a very proud Dad today - one of his daughters is playing an acoustic stage at Glastonbury.  What a nice way to start the term.


  1. How wonderful! And to think you had a hand in guiding his talent! Did he speak to the class too?

  2. Hello Jan,
    I so know how you feel....when I am going to start a new course sleep always evades me the night before. It is totally ridiculous I tell myself I've been teaching for 34 years I should not have this stage fright at all tch!

    What a compliment Jan!!! I imagine your Rock Star's appearance in your class will have pushed up your popularity rates with your pupils no end. You obviously left your mark on that young man...good for you :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. How lovely of him to pop by and see you! Great the band are enjoying success too. I can never sleep on the night before school starts again, I was up at 1am ish, emptying the dishwasher last night and just could not get to sleep when I tried!

  4. What a lovely thing to happen, and hope you get a really good nights sleep tonight :) xx

  5. I absolutely love stories like that! It's far too rare that teachers get the credit they deserve for contributing to the success of their students. He sounds like he's a "feather in your cap". Kudos to you!

  6. What a beautiful story - certainly a reason to get up and go to work and inspire the lovelies! I am exactly the same after a lovely holiday.....six weeks until half term - and there's a bank holiday xxx

  7. You must be quite proud to see how well your former pupil is doing and touched that he still comes to the school to see you and keep you up to date with his progress. That's a lovely story and no wonder his visit lifted your spirits and brightened your day:)

  8. That was a nice thing to happen. Glad you feel refreshed after your break away despite the lack of sleep before the first day and the rest of the week goes well.

  9. You must have definitely left your mark on that young man if he pops back every so often to let you know how he's getting on, how lovely. Even though I don't work, I'm still unable to sleep when I know the kids are back to school the following day, or if Mick's going back to work after a holiday, it's strange, isn't it?

  10. How nice that he still remembers his old school and thinks enough of his former teacher to come and see her! We could do with a few more like him.

  11. How exciting for you and the class. So nice that you made an impression such a good impression as his teacher, that he visits his school to give back. Kudos to you by the way for BEING a teacher. TRUTHFULLY teachers gave me the attention and suport I needed as a child ...I have the greatest respect and gratitude for those that teach and care about their students. THANK YOU THaNk You !
    Most Sincerely,