Monday, 10 June 2013

9 Miles by the Severn

On Sunday morning we parked 'BJ' the Discovery in the free car park near Ribbesford church and walked up the river Severn from Bewdley to Areley.  The pretty Georgian town of Bewdley was full of people enjoying the lovely weather....
Before long we came to bridge that supports the Elan Valley Aquaduct. 
The water in these pipes is travelling all the way from Wales to Birmingham by gravity. 
An incredible feat of Victorian engineering...
A little further along the river we saw this swan with a cygnet on her back.
The current is very powerful here and the young bird didn't stand a chance of swimming up stream...

Shortly before the hamlet of Areley the Severn Valley Railway crosses the river.
It was a nice moment to remember my friend John - who's ashes were scattered from this bridge (via the firebox of a steam loco) a couple of years ago...

This was a our lunch stop - a little tea garden above the river at Areley..

On the way back down the river we made a small detour via the Trimpley reservoirs..

At this point the Severn Valley Railway is on a level with the footpath.
Here's one of engines steaming through the trees...

By early afternoon we were back in Bewdley...

I suggested that we went to look through the bookshelves of one of the charity shops near the museum.  This 'knitted' bike was parked outside.....

By the time we got back to the car we'd walked about 9 miles.
Not bad for a Sunday stroll!!!


  1. Looks lovely countryside, perfect for a walk. My cousin did our family tree and some of our ancestors came from Ribbesford and she had found records of their baptisms at the church there.

  2. You live in such a beautiful area Jan. Thanks for sharing your walks with us.

  3. A nine mile stroll....not bad at all, and a lovely stroll at that. Exploring is my favorite exercise.

  4. What a gorgeous walk with lots of lovely countryside and industrial history too. Just a coincidence but in a few weeks time I'll be visiting a friend who now lives near the Elan Valley in Wales who many years ago was Curator of Bewdley Museum:)

  5. Oh I wish I could do a 9 mile stroll--but not here. In the area where you live--yes!!! Nothing wrong with Victorian engineering--it is very substantial and lasts for many, many years. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure!!!

  6. I love all your pictures. It's like being on a vacation without going there.

  7. A walk along a stretch of a river on a sunny day would be my choice too. Thanks for taking us along by the River Severn. It must be a beautiful and interesting part of the country. I wonder if you found any good books? I would have been in that charity shop, too, to round off the walk!

  8. Another wonderful walk. Bewdley looks like a pretty place, how lovely to sit along the side of the river and while the time away.

  9. What a lovely area with so many places to see and photograph.

  10. What a lovely walk, I used to like visiting that area when Dave lived in Wolverhampton, but we didn't go often enough I don't think!

  11. Fascinating area. The bike made me smile - and so did the swan and cygnet! Did you find anything interesting in the charity shop?

  12. i love the knitted bike so much!