Sunday, 23 June 2013

Catching up....

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post.  I got back into work last Monday and - sadly - my colleague HAD been up to her disloyal tricks.  However, my line managers were absolutely great and 'took her to task' about her behaviour.  This is quite unusual for my school so I made sure that everyone knew how much I appreciated their support!  Unfortunately I had to take a little break from posting because my back really hurt each evening.  Here are a few rather overdue pictures from last weekend...
The weather forecast for last Sunday wasn't great - so we decided to take Dad and Mum to the Transport Museum at Coventry to celebrate Father's Day.  It worked out really well because there were loads of 'trip down memory lane' exhibits...
Mum remembered going on holiday in a caravan like this...
I remembered Mum cooking on a little stove like this in our trailer tent in the early 70s..

When I was a little girl and the Triumph TR7 was launched I always said that I wanted a white one - just like this...  (I had to wait almost 30 years and compromise on colour... but I did drive a TR7 daily for many happy years!!!!)

There's also a huge display about the land speed record - when they went through the sound barrier for the first time...

.. And, towards the end of the exhibitions, there's this little Metro.
It was Lady Diana Spencer's car in the months before she married Prince Charles.
I couldn't get over how tiny the car was...

We really enjoyed the museum because it focuses as much on the social history of transport as it does on the vehicles themselves.  I loved the section where some old road safety adverts were being played.  There was a hysterical Dad's Army sketch about how to cross the road at the 'new' Pelican crossings and several 'Tufty Club' adverts.
The thing is.... I remembered them clearly!!!
Have a good week.


  1. Ahh, I remember my Tufty Club badge, I wonder what happened to it. My friend's dad had a TR7 and he used to give all us kids a ride in it, two of us to one seat, before seatbelts were compulsory. Glad you've had some support from your line managers on your return to work.

  2. Yes, I remember the tufty club. I think we may have to pay a visit here as it looks fascinating. x

  3. The good old days! It is fun, but a little strange, when you go around these collections and see things which were so much part of life not so many years ago. Have you ever visited the little Bubble Car museum near Boston? It has similar displays - and really tiny cars and caravans. So cute you feel you could pick them up and put them in your pocket! I hope things are on a more even keel at school now, and also that your back is improving.

  4. A work colleague drove a bright yellow TR7 - it always stood out in the carpark at work! I'm so pleased to hear that you have had support at work.

  5. I enjoyed this post, Jan, as I haven't visited the Transport Museum for quite a long time. Nice to go with your parents on Father's Day. I'm sure they appreciated it. Hope things settle down at work now that you have support, you're less stressed by the situation and that your health improves.

  6. Good to see the transport museum as it is one of the places I would like to visit - sounds like you had a lovely day. Glad things have worked out at work for you and that you have had support from your line manager. Hope you continue to feel better:)

  7. That's what we Yanks call a "Blast from the Past". It's such fun to recall all those things that we lived with when we were younger.

  8. I'm pleased to hear that the school have treated you well on your return to work and they you are feeling better. This looks like a really interesting place to visit.

  9. This is the museum with Thrust 2? My hubby stills laughs because I got excited over a car!!! But I'd watched the preparations and knew the story from Blue Peter, so to me it was like meeting something famous from my past! Glad you enjoyed it.