Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Catching Up......

A flavour of my half-term...

Early morning sunshine in the conservatory -
(please don't look at my smudgy windows!!!)

A day's walking on the Mortimer trail near Ludlow...

Lovely views on local walks...

Finally getting round to taking a photo of this local milestone...
There are plenty of plain concrete ones in the area - this is the only one that's painted

Meeting up with some friends at Broadway Tower
(on the edge of The Cotswolds)

The fabulous view from the tower down towards Evesham and
Breedon Hill...

Coffee and lunch at the tea-rooms near the tower..

Catching sight of this little copper racing car at Shelsey Walsh Hill Climb..

...and watching the real cars on the track.

Enjoying all the motor sport atmosphere in the 'pits'...

..then sneaking away to take pictures of the beautiful old buildings by the track.

It's SO lovely to have my laptop back!!!!


  1. Did anyone ever tell you that you live in a magical part of the world? Castles, antique buildings, lovely gardens, history right around the corner.. wherever you look... How lovely your walks must be.
    Your conservatory is wonderful...didn't notice any smudges.

  2. I'd love a conservatory like yours Jan, smudges or not (and no, I didnt see any!).Gorgeous walks too.

  3. What beautiful photos. Thanks for your recent comments, the change will be good for me and I know I have a fantastic opportunity, I'm just being silly really, bit I find it hard not to be as I'm so attached to home! I have been planning to take a little piece of it with me somehow, not sure what/how, but I'll think of something!

  4. Balisha is correct!!! The Cotswold's? I love Cotswold cottages!!! OHMYGOSH--how wonderful to live in your area!!! The Conservatory is lovely--I did not notice any smudges--I was looking at the furniture and the view.

  5. What lovely country to tour with your camera!

  6. So glad you got your computer fixed and we can see all the lovely photos of your 'time out'. The views across the countryside are wonderful and so nice to spend time with your Mum, friends and just relax for the week. Hope this week is going well back at work.

  7. Looks like you had an interesting week out and about at some lovely places - I too love sitting in the conservatory in the early morning and late evening and just watching the garden - so relaxing:)

  8. Half term is fantastic! Hope you enjoyed yours and it hash"t been too mad returning x

  9. It looks like you've had a lovely half term, the trouble is that it passes by so quickly. What stunning countryside in your photos, I think we're really spoilt in this beautiful country of ours.

  10. What would we do without them, computers that is. It's like my right arm is missing if mine's out of action. Lovely photos and I love the Cotswold, one of my favourite places to visit.
    Patricia x

  11. Lovely walks, beautiful landscapes. Love the photo of Broadway Tower...

  12. Clapping lovely to see that glorious old castle and the views ! Then of course there are spiffy racing cars and a wonderful conservatory ...what a life! Hmm I actually think our pony cart usually goes faster than our old farm truck.

  13. What was the purpose of that Broadway Tower when it was built? Just curious, because I love to see things like that.