Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Garden Open for Charity...

A few weeks ago I picked up the Worcestershire booklet for the National Gardens Scheme - Open for Charity.  The entry for a garden on the Herefordshire border really caught my eye and I planned to get over there as soon as possible.  Yesterday they had their second opening of the year and we were there almost as soon as they opened!  It was a perfect day for wandering around and admiring some-one else's hard work (and indulging in a bit of 'fantasy gardening' along the way....!)
We had to park 'BJ' up on the 'main road'..
We walked down a steep track for a couple of hundred metres and
were greeted by this glorious view..

The creator of this beautiful space popped out of the door to take our entry fee.
He and his wife have lived in this house since 1967.  They started working on the gardens in 1980.
There are 20 acres of woodland.  It took us over an hour to follow all the little way-marked paths.
There are 3 acres of 'formal' gardens, wrapped around the house.
It was a perfect time of year to admire all the blossoms...

The huge borders are colour-themed. 
I particularly liked this pale lilac border just below the house..

This is the rose garden. 
It's really established and will be a riot of colour in a few weeks time..

..And here's the back of the house.
What a great place to live in ...and to garden!

Before we left we sat at the back of the house with a cup of tea and a piece of cake.
The views were incredible.  I don't think I'd ever do any housework - I'd just be
constantly distracted by the changing colours of this lovely landscape!

Have a good week.


  1. Oh, what a super place, my kind of heaven! x

  2. what a beautiful garden. Lovely view too.

  3. What a glorious garden. It shows the years of love and care that went into making it.

  4. That's a lot of garden and ground to work on! The view is wonderful and the house is very pretty, too.

  5. This is one of my favourite things to do Jan. I was invited by a friend to go to some open gardens yesterday afternoon but had to pass on it because we are up to our eyes in decorating.I must admit I was tempted and maybe I should have gone and left Tony to it!

  6. What a wonderful garden with stunning views. The house looks pretty too covered in wisteria:)

  7. What a lovely garden, and the views are stunning. You can always take lots of ideas home from gardens such as these, they're so inspirational.

  8. The couple have created a masterpiece in gardening. How lucky for you to be able to enjoy it.