Thursday, 29 March 2012

Getting home early..

This was the view from my study when I got home this afternoon.  All my lovely white blossom trees are out in force.  The one on the left is a Damson tree that has survived from the days when the whole close was an orchard.  It was badly beaten about and left for dead when the houses were built almost 20 years ago.  The builders even managed to errect a fence over its roots.  Nevertheless, it seems to have thrived and we get a fairly good crop from it most summers. 

All this blossom has been a bit of a surprise because I've had one of those weeks and I hadn't seen the garden since Sunday.  Monday night was a Year 11 Diploma performance (extremely proud of them); Tuesday was Year 7 Parents Evening (talked myself hoarse) and last night was a Year 9 'Once Upon a Time' Performance (really sweet!)

Basically I've developed a unit where the Year 9s devise a show suitable to take into Year 1 and 2 classses at our feeder schools.  They write the scripts and plan all the songs themselves.  Every year I'm always surprised and delighted by the outcomes.  Last night was lovely.  There are some very witty and slightly zany children in this class and their show was particularly clever.

Most schools are beaking up for Easter tomorrow.  Solihull continues until next Wednesday for the pupils and Thursday for the staff.  The only good thing is that we don't start again until the 23rd... The children get two and a half weeks, which will be lovely if the weather holds.


  1. Lovely little tree. Seems like a Hardy little guy to survive all that change!

    What a great idea to let the students create there own plays & skits. Sounds like a great way for them to learn a bevy of skills.

    hope you are well,

  2. My Damson blossom is just a little behind yours - but looks wonderful when the tree is covered in frothy blossom. We don't always get a good crop but these last few hard winters seem to have done the trick.

  3. Your garden looks lovely. My daughter breaks up tomorrow, hope you enjoy your Easter break xxx

  4. Poor you working for another week, am sure you will feel differently when we all go back! Love the tree such a pretty one x

  5. The shows sound wonderful, though it seems that you've had a busy week. You'll be glad to break up for the holidays. My cherry tree looks as though it will burst in to bloom any time now.