Saturday, 10 March 2012

Silver Linings..

I had grand plans for some serious walking this weekend but today hasn't been quite as I expected.  I've been able to enjoy the good weather - but only in the garden.  The sun has brought out the first flowers on the Magnolia in my front garden. I think it must be at least two weeks early.

This is the reason for our change of plans.  "Winnie" - our aged Range Rover - failed her MOT yesterday.  This wouldn 't have been a significant problem but she then decided to have a major transmission failure on the way back from the testing station.  I got home yesterday afternoon to find oil all over the drive and Mark sulking in the lounge!

Anyway, some succinct coaching language (along the lines of "Get out there and at least find out what's broken") persuaded Mark back outside to find out the extent of the damage.  He made a shopping list for the replacement parts last night, collected everything together first thing this morning and has been working on the vehicle all day (helped by Thomas)

I am seriously proud of him.  His friends said he'd never be able to fix her this time... but he has!  In addition, he's saved us hundreds of pounds.  He's still got to do all the work on her to get her through the MOT re-test, but there's a fair chance that we'll be able to go walking tomorrow.

Every cloud has a silver lining.  I've pottered around the district and discovered another local wool shop.  I've also had time to do some more crochet.  I'm on the 50th row of my throw and have started the baby blanket for my colleague.  My parents are coming round for dinner tonight so I've also had time to prepare the meal.  To be honest, it's been nice to slow down a bit!


  1. A bit of enforced home time can do us the world of good, it sounds like you're well and truly hooked on crochet. Hope Mark manages to sort everything out for the MOT, it can be a costly business, but I'm sure Thomas is making sure that things are done right. Enjoy the evening with your parents.

  2. I hope Winnie is soon mended. Our car is due for its MOT next month. The older it gets the more I worry about it failing- it's 11 now. I've been doing a bit of knitting each evening which I've really enjoyed. Nothing very interesting - just dishcloths, but there's something calming about the gentle rhythm of it.

  3. cars are so stressy when they go wrong, hope it gets sorted soon! Enjoy the slowness!