Monday, 26 March 2012

Relaxing at the weekend..

Here's the throw that I started in Bournemouth a few weeks ago.  Since I took this picture on Saturday morning I've done a couple more circuits of pale lemon.  I don't think I'm going to make it much bigger but I will probably finish it off with a dark red edging....

On Saturday my Mum had a Coffee Morning at her house so I popped round for a little bit.  The books were only 50p on the book stall so I picked up a couple.  I've just started 'The Soldier's Return' and I think it's excellent.  The 'table topper' will be perfect for the little table in the conservatory (and it was only £2).

I then drove over to Pershore to meet up with some friends for coffee.  I was a little early so I wandered down to the St Richard's Hospice Shop.  This charity has a double unit in Pershore so there's a massive china and homeware section.  I found this lovely little blue and white jug (for £2).  It goes brilliantly with another little jug that I found in the Oxfam shop in Stratford last summer.  It also goes well with my general 'blue and white' kitchen theme.

When I got home I discovered that I'd been lucky in the raffle at the Coffee Morning.  This is what 1kg of chocolate shells looks like.......!

Unfortunately (fortunately...?) I don't actually like chocolate shells that much.  However my lovely pregnant colleague absolutely adores them.  I brought them into work this morning and gave them to her before school.  In a few weeks she is going to need all the energy she can muster - so I've given her strict instructions to eat as many as possible every day!


  1. I love your blue and white jug. I used to have lots of blue and white things as I had blue, white and yellow in my kitchen. Now I'm wondering where they are!

  2. Your blue jug is lovely and your throw is coming along very nicely.

  3. Your crochet throw is looking good.Mine is taking forever now, it takes so long to do a side its so big!
    I really love the blue and white china jug, I collect pieces of broken blue and white china which I am planning sometime to do something with..All I need is more time in my week!!!

  4. What a beautiful jug, blue and white is always a winner. The throw is looking wonderful, isn't it amazing how quickly it has grown - you've put a lot of hours into it!

  5. The throw is wonderful, perfect for cosying up with. You found some real bargains on Saturday, I love the jug.