Thursday, 10 May 2012


Welcome to my new followers - amasmi20 and Louise.  If you haven't done so already, please could you leave a little comment?  It's the only way that I seem to be able to find my way back to your blogs as my dashboard doesn't make the link.  Grrrr! 

I haven't been near my blog for a few days this week because work has been seriously busy again.  My Year 11s did their Leavers Concert on Tuesday evening.  There was a real sense of occasion as they all played together one last time.  There was a surprise item right at the end - a 'thank you' song that had been written to the Finale of Bugsy Malone.  Yesterday a group came round at lunchtime and presented me with a copy of the words in a card that they'd all signed.  They also stuck a photo of the performers from the night before on the front.  I keep things like this in a scrapbook.  It's nice to have all my school memories in one place.

This is my class (there are two Year 11 classes) in their final Music lesson this morning. You can see how excited they are about the whole 'Leavers' thing!

These are my lovely Year 11s in form.  They really liked their cards and photo frames.

Here are the whole form.  The older pupils are at the front and the younger years are stood behind them.  My classroom walls are covered with photos from all the performances and shows that we've done in the last 18 months.

There was also a Year 10 Parents Evening last night.... another late evening.  Fortunately Mark is happy to turn his hand to a little cooking and ironing, and he was doing both when I eventually got home last night.  He's a lovely man!!!

The final departure for my post today is a youtube clip that one of our friends has posted.  It shows 'The Kitten' leaving the Kit Car Show on Sunday.  It's pretty noisy, given that Mark was only driving on a light throttle!


  1. It must be sad when the year 11's leave, especially if you've taught them since year 7, though I'm sure you're very proud of all they've achieved whilst you've been teaching them too. I bet you get some admiring glances when you're travelling in The Kitten.

  2. Hello Jan:
    How well we remember that very real sense of loss when those one has taught for a number of years, and possibly into Years 12 and 13, finally leave. It would not be human not to have huge feelings of sadness and regret, all of which you must be feeling now, particularly as they look to be such a really good, happy group.

    And that is something of a motor car!!

  3. I know the performance was wonderful! I know you are very proud of them. (our end of the year program is tomorrow) I wouldn't mind finding a cute little Kitten parked in my driveway:)

  4. What a good looking group! How touching that they had s surprise song for you. I am sure they will look back & have fond memories with you too.


  5. Your students are all dressed up. Do they wear uniforms every day?

  6. What a happy looking group....I know there must be a little sadness with their leaving, but joy in each of their accomplishments!

  7. Lovely - running a revision class tomorrow for year 11s and they have their French exam on Monday - so that's it! Sad isn't it xx

  8. So lovely when kids show their appreciation for your teaching. I left my four Yr 6 SATs pupils on Friday - and was delighted with the cards and cupcakes they gave me! I have only been with them for 9 weeks or so.

    Your class looks fabulous! blessings x