Monday, 7 May 2012

Now for something completely different....

Firstly, welcome to my new followers - Mabel and Maisy and Janet G.  Please could you leave a little comment at some stage then I will be able to pop over to your blogs too.  I have discovered that my dashboard will not provide me with a link to your blogs directly.  Hopefully I will be able to find a way round this problem soon - as it has made me seem rather unfriendly in the past!

This weekend the 'silly season' of Marcos ownership finally arrived.  We spent Saturday at Donington Park and Sunday at the National Kit Car Show near Warwick.  It's been great fun (if a little cold at times) and lovely to see all our Marcos owning friends after the quiet winter season.

It's the first time that we've been to the Donington Historic Festival.  The great thing about these historic sports car events is that there are virtually no restrictions on public access.  As a result I was able to wander around the pits, hang around the entrance to the pit lane and take all the photos I wanted.  It's great to see these beautiful cars up close and in action.

This is a general view of the pit lane during the E-Type Jaguar qualifying session.  At one time Mark and I seriously considered E-Type ownership so we enjoy seeing the cars involved in this race series. 

This is a Ford GT40.  In 2003 we started everything in process to build a replica of one of these beasts but, for various long and complicated reasons, we ended buying 'Annie' (the first Marcos) instead.  This car is a real one - with full racing history.  VERY nice...

This is 'The Kitten' (our second Marcos) making friends with a few GT40s and a Jaguar on the in-field..  This weekend was the first time that we've taken this car to national events.  People were genuinely interested in the way that Mark has designed and built a 21st Century car within a very classic-looking body.  We were actually really surprised by the number of people who came over to chat and say nice things.  To us, 'The Kitten' was designed to be a practical touring car and 'Annie' is the eccentric eye-catcher!

This the line up for the final race of the day.  This event had no noise-level restrictions and the sound of all these cars reving up was amazing...

This is the row of Marcos cars at the Kit Car Show.  Usually the cars are in a small arena outside these halls, but the grass was too wet and would have been damaged by cars that put down this level of power to their wheels..

Today I've played 'catch back'.  My lovely husband did a food shop while I spent a bit of time on some urgent school work.  Then we both went to Worcester to pick up Birthday cards, a Baby card and some 'Leavers' cards for my Year 11s.  I also found green glass photo frames for the three Year 11s in my form, which we will give to them in their last form time on Thursday.  My plan is to pop a little personal message in each one.  I deliberately chose frames that were quite neutral and fairly adult - so I hope that they will enjoy them and be able to use them for a long time to come.  Hopefully they will like them!

Hope that you've all had great weekends too.


  1. Serious cars they are! Very exciting!
    My friend is also a teacher and she says it's so emotional waving off the year 11s - I'm sure they'll love their photo frames. x

  2. Nearly all of that has gone right over my head, Jan. When asked what kind of car I have, I usually reply "A blue one". It's nice to be able to catch up with like minded people though. Hope the week at school goes well, I think I'd be a gibbering wreck waving pupils off in to the big wide world every year.

  3. I am so impressed that you know so much. It seems to have been an enjoyable time! I love the fact that you are doing such personal things for your leavers. I hope that you are also enjoying all that is on offer! Joan

  4. Looks like you had an exciting day out there, you are very knowledgeable about cars.........I'm impressed.

    That's such a lovely memento to give to your leaving year 11s............I'm sure they'll treasure them. x

  5. Hello Jan:
    What an exciting time you must have had surrounded by all those wonderful cars and, presumably, their equally fascinating owners! We should have absolutely no idea how to build a car but it is so interesting seeing how people customise their own vehicles.

    It is so nice that you are going to so much trouble to personalise the leaving gifts for your pupils. We are sure that they will really appreciate that personal touch and will treasure their presents for ever.

  6. Hello!
    I wasn't sure what a Marcos car was but I've been reliably informed by Mr M that they are pretty special! Glad you had a great time :-)
    It's lovely to know that teachers think of their pupils,I always try to think if a nice gift for my son's teachers at the end of each year, just to let them know they really are appreciated :-) x

  7. Hello there, I'm new to your blog but I've had a good old nosey and have enjoyed what I have seen so far!

    What a busy weekend you've had - sounds like it was handy having the extra day today!


  8. I had never heard of a Marcos car before and still wondering a bit about them. Are they all hand built?

  9. I know very little about cars, but find the idea of building one's own car interesting. I think your students will love their frames. Teenagers love having framed pictures of friend and family around them when away at college. Enjoy your week. Bonnie