Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Olympic Flame at the top of my road..

It's been an usual evening in my village. 
The main road was full of people waiting.. There was a real party mood...

Some of them had flags and were dressed in red, white and blue..

Police on motorbikes closed some of the roads and stopped the traffic..

Then a small bus arrived with the words London 2012 Torch Relay on the front.  It stopped right at the top of our close...

A young man got off the bus with an un-lit torch....

Around 6.20 more motorcycles, runners and vehicles appeared...

Then we saw another young man, dressed in white, running with a lit torch..

The runners passed on the Olympic flame and shook hands right in front of us..

The flame is staying over night in Worcester - in the beautiful Guildhall.
Tomorrow morning it's starting the next stage of its journey from the Cathedral Green.
It's been lovely to have been drawn into this national event...


  1. How exciting - can't wait for it to pass through our town - a history moment! x

  2. We have the torch coming to our town on the 6th July and so looking forward to seeing it pass through. Such a momentous occasion and something to go down in prosperity. x

  3. Very exciting. I'll bet you were thrilled. We love the Olympics and look forward to watching many events on TV.


  4. How exciting for it to all be happening so close to home.

  5. I remember when the Olympic runners came through out small town back in 2002. It is a special event.