Saturday, 19 May 2012

Poor Old 'Winnie Van Kof'

Yesterday morning my dear old Range Rover finally died - at 7.10 a.m, near Junction 5 of the M5 motorway.  She'd been a very poorly old thing for a couple of months.  Mark has spent hours trying to keep her going but yesterday morning was a terminal event.  I know she's only a car but I'm GUTTED.

Almost all our 'happy' motoring has been done in this car over the last 8 years.  We bought her shortly after Mark was seriously ill with Meningitis. She was perfect for him because she was an automatic and the driving position supported his poorly back and neck. As Mark got better and we got our life back on track, Winnie's role has changed....

She's splashed through tracks with our friends in Mid-Wales..

And climbed rocky paths..

She's been the main tow vehicle for the whole Marcos project..

She's brought the Christmas tree from the Garden Centre each year..

And taken the whole family on great road trips all over England and Wales..

As recently as the end of the Easter holidays she was still part of our holidays.
Here she is at the top of the Gospel Pass near Hay on Wye..

I guess to many people she's just a grotty old, gas-guzzling vehicle.  To me she's masses of happy memories all tied up in a grotty old vehicle!!!!  I still get really emotional when I think about the difficult times we had when Mark was so very ill.  This car has been there every step of the way as Mark has 'come back to me'.

Mark says that he's going to take off all the useful parts that he can, then she's going to have to go for scrap.  Fortunately we have a friend who will let us keep her in his lock up yard while we sort everything out.  It will take some of the pressure of time off the job and maybe I'll get used to idea that she can't be fixed again.  At the moment she's stuck on the drive - which upsets me really.

As a footnote to all of this - if you're wondering how she came by her name - it's
'Winnie' - her red wine colour
'Van' - she's got a horribly noisy diesel engine
'Kof' - the letters of her number plate and the effect that she has on most people!

Hope that you're all having good weekends.  Wouldn't it be nice to have just ONE weekend of blue skies and a bit of warmth?!


  1. Yes, it's damp and cold here too! I'm sorry about your rangerover. It does seem to have so many happy memories. We had a landrover that we bought when we were building this house and it carried lots of the timber etc, was used for towing the cattle box, I have memories of tearing down the field to get in front of some runaway heifers. we sold her to a friend of my son as we really couldn't afford to keep her. Every time I come up the drive I think "Oh hubbie's not home yet!" and then I is hard especially with the memories that you have of your husband! 'Keep on keeping on' is what I always tell myself so I'm saying it to you. Joan

  2. Happy memories! They are such hard working, fearless vehicles, I can understand what you are feeling. I felt exactly the same about my old Disco. I still miss my 'Blue Bess'! x

  3. It's funny how we can get attached to 'things'. As you say, it's all the memories, but you'll always have those memories, Jan, they'll never be taken away from you. It's good that Winnie is going to be with you for a while longer, then you can get used to the idea over time.

  4. Hello Jan,
    I do understand I had a car called Bertie....I had it for 15 years and then it got stolen...I was so upset when I saw it after the police found ... it was a complete right off. I felt as if all the happy times I had spent with that car had been violated!
    Its the memories of course.... that we attached to things.

    Errrrr dare I add its sunny and warm be sending you some sunbeams :-)

    Amanda :-)

  5. Hello Jan...Isn't it funny how we tie so many memories to a car or truck. I've driven my truck since it was new and now have over 200,000 miles on it. I would be very sad to lose my truck.

  6. what a sad weekend, I've only owned two cars so far but you do get attached to them and the memories they create so it is very sad when they have to go :(

    And yes, some nice weather would be very nice!

  7. Jan, I am sorry you lost your beloved Range Rover. This past Autumn a deer hit me and totaled my Volvo. I really hated losing that car. Now I must admit I am attached to another and making new memories. (I still miss my other car tho') Bonnie

  8. Sounds like you have some great memories to dampen the blow slightly - wishing you lots more xx